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Aruba (2nd RU), USA (winner), Antigua (2nd RU)

Miss Teenage Peace International 1973
1973 September 8
Aruba Sheraton Hotel, Oranjestad ARU
15 participants
NOTE Organized by the local magazine "Amistad", this was the first international beauty contest to be held in Aruba and organized by a local committee.

1 U.S.A. - Barbara Jean Sergi
2 ANTIGUA - Erna Mae Anele Tonge
3 ARUBA - Eveline Madeleine Arends

Top 7
BERMUDA - Lynne Marie Horseman
BONAIRE - Els Marie Beukenboom
COLOMBIA - Gloria Cecilia Trujillo Jiménez
VENEZUELA - Ruth Ferrara

Best National Costume - 1) Colombia, 2) U.S.A., 3) Costa Rica

COSTA RICA - María Lourdes González
CURACAO - Xiomara Marie Winklaar (World '77)
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Jazmín Periche Fuertes
EL SALVADOR - Regina Cordelia Guirola (Café '76)
NICARAGUA - Rosa Maria Arguello Peña
PUERTO RICO - Aida Igaravidez López (World Teen Princess '73)
SINT MAARTEN - Claudia Sherwood
SURINAME - Virginia Muntslag

Vrije Stem (Suriname) : 1973 02 19 Monday
Aruba's Revista Amistad (Friendship Magazine) is planning a Miss Teenage Peace International contest, to be held around August in Aruba.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 06 20 Wednesday
A press conference will be held on Thursday at the Hotel Victoria by the Committee of Miss Teenage Peace International.  Information will be provided about the election of Miss Teenage Peace International, which would  be the first time that an international pageant is held in Aruba.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 06 22 Friday
The Miss Teenage Peace International pageant will be held from 1 to 8 September.  Invitations have already been sent to 53 countries; already 12 of them let it be known that they will participate.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 06 25 Monday
The pageant will cost more than fifty thousand guilders. The organizers hope to raise this amount by subscription lists, fund-raising activities and financial support from the Government.

The intelligence of the candidates will be assessed by the jury.  They should describe their childhood, about their country and what they think about various topics.  The young lady, who will be chosen on 8 September from the seven finalists, will receive $2,000 and various other gifts.  The first runner-up will get $750 and the second runner-up $500.

Besides the Organizer Atan Lee, the Organizing Committee includes Gloria Cardenas and Ana Abbott, in charge of the candidates and their chaperones; Antonio Carlo, in charge of the gifts and by-the-week activities; José Lozano, in charge of public relations; Roland Fortin is the general coordinator with his brother Robby as assistant; and Rony Cardenas is responsible for the honour guests from abroad.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 07 26 Thursday
The Organizing Committee of the Miss Teenage Peace International announced that 16 countries have now registered for the contest.  They must be in Aruba by 31 August.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 08 29 Wednesday
The participants to the first Miss Teenage Peace International are expected to arrive in Aruba on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

The first activity is on Saturday, 1 September, in the Surfside, where the contestants will dance with the consul of their countries.  On 4 September the Surfside will have the election of the most beautiful national costume.

On 5 September, the participants and youth organizations of Aruba will ride cars on a parade through the main streets of Oranjestad, while on 6 September the Sheraton Hotel will feature a musical show during which the seven semi-finalists will be chosen in secret.  The election of the first Miss Teenage Peace International from among these seven semi-finalists will take place on 8 September at the Sheraton Hotel, followed by a celebration in the Rembrandt room.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 08 30 Thursday
Today the first participants are arriving for the first election of Miss Teenage Peace International.  The Colombian Miss was already here this afternoon, while tonight Miss Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica are expected at 7 on the same aircraft.  Tomorrow afternoon at half past four the participants from Bermuda, Dominican Republic and Suriname will arrive within ten minutes, while those from Puerto Rico and St. Maarten will arrive later. The Venezuelan Miss is expected here on Saturday afternoon.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 09 01 Saturday
Yesterday several candidates arrived on Aruba for the election of Miss Teenage Peace International.  At the Princess Beatrix Airport Organizer Atan Lee and Miss Amity, Marianela Oduber, welcomed Lynne Horseman from Bermuda and Barbara Sergi from the United States.  This evening in Surfside all the candidates will dance with the consuls of their countries.  The actual election of Miss Teenage Peace International will be a week from today, when the winner will be crowned by Aruba's Lieutenant Governor.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1973 09 05 Wednesday
Tuesday evening In the Surfside held the presentation of the candidates for Miss Teenage Peace International in their national costumes. The best was Gloria Trujillo of Colombia, who received a trophy, followed in second place by Barbara Sergi of the United States and Costa Rica's Barbara Maria Lourdes Gonzalez in third place.  Lieutenant Governor Jossy Tromp presented the trophy to the winner and a gift to each of the other participants.

Vrije Stem (Suriname) - 1973 09 13 Thursday
15-year-old Barbara Jean Sergi is Miss Teenage Peace International. The election, which included delegates from 15 countries, was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Aruba.  Two months ago in New York Barbara was chosen Miss Teenage of the United States.  

The panel of seven judges included Susana Duijm, Miss World 1955.

Next year this event will be held at about the same time in Aruba if all goes well.
NOTE During July 1974 the title Miss Teenage Peace International was changed to Miss Teenage Intercontinental

Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1974
1974 September 21
Aruba Caribbean Hotel, Oranjestad ARU
18 participants

1 VENEZUELA - Maria Emilia de los Rios
2 COSTA RICA - Maria Soledad Carmiol
3 CANADA - Lisa Suzanna Langlois

Top 7
ARGENTINA - Maria Eugenia "Yenny" Patiño
COLOMBIA - Victoria Eugenia Pérez Pérez
CURACAO - Solange Abigail de Castro
NICARAGUA - Gloria Pereira

Miss Amity - Argentina
Miss Photogenic - Canada
Miss Elegance - Ecuador
Best National Costume - Sint Maarten

ANTIGUA - Juliette Edwards
ARUBA - Agda Frank
BERMUDA - Darnell Todd
BONAIRE - Jasmin Romondt
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Xiomara Josefina Silie Alba
ECUADOR - Zoila Rosa Salazar Molina
HONDURAS - Diana Belinda Huete
PUERTO RICO - Maritza Motta
SINT MAARTEN - Annemarie Berry
SURINAME - Joyce Pengel
U.S.A. - Karen Young

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 03 14 Thursday
The Statute of Miss Teenage Peace International promotion company was incorporated with a registered capital of forty thousand guilders.  In addition to the election of Miss Teenage Peace International the committee also will organize other beauty contests, fashion shows and various activities.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 07 22 Monday
Last week on Thursday night Atan Lee held a presentation in his home where the Committee promoted the Miss Teenage Intercontinental (formerly Miss Teenage Peace International) which will take place from 13 to 21 September in Aruba.  There will be approximately twenty participating countries.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 08 21 Wednesday
So far, 21 countries are interested to participate in Miss Teenage Intercontinental.   A week of activities will be organized for the participants.  On Saturday 14 September the press will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the participants during a cocktail-party, followed by a presentation ball.

Also scheduled for Sunday 15 September a holy mass in the St. Anna's Church in North.

On Wednesday 18 September Cas di Cultura will present the national costume competition.

On Saturday 21 September is the big event, the evening of the contest and coronation of Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1974 during a fantastic show at the Aruba Caribbean Hotel.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 09 12 Thursday
Today the first participants of the Miss Teenage Intercontinental arrived on Aruba:  From Bermuda, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua And St. Maarten.  Tomorrow are expected Bonaire, Canada, Puerto Rico, Suriname, The United States and Venezuela.  The representative from Argentina is already here.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 09 16 Monday
A reception for the Miss Teenage Intercontinental participants was given at the home of Lieutenant Governor Jossy Tromp and his wife on Saturday night.   All were present except Misses Venezuela and Antigua.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 09 18 Wednesday
The plantation of the families Yarzagaray and Andycury hosted a successful barbecue on Monday evening to the participants of Miss Teenage Intercontinental.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 09 19 Thursday
Last night a sold-out Cas di Cultura held a best national costume contest by the Miss Teenage Intercontinental participants.  The award was won by Anne-Marie Berry from St. Maarten.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 09 21 Saturday
The marine water sports center at Eagle Beach on Thursday hosted a very animated barbecue party where the Miss Teenage Intercontinental candidates danced to the music of a steel band.  

Amigoe di Curacao - 1974 09 23 Monday
The winner is shown with her Miss Teenage Intercontinental Cup 1974 and posing with Gilbert Berlinski (member of the organizing Committee) and Atan Lee, President of the Committee and founder of this international pageant.

Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1975
1975 August 30
Grand Salon, Americana Hotel, Oranjestad ARU
24 participants

1 IRAN - Shohreh Nikpour
2 VENEZUELA - Maria Ingrid Centeno Carreño
3 INDIA - Nivurti Nunim

Top 5
4 AUSTRIA - Monique Brigite de Havilland
5 GUATEMALA - Claudia Gandara

Top 8
ARUBA - Madel Francisca Jacopucci
ECUADOR - Yela Denise Klein Loffredo
U.S.A. - Tawny Lee Aungst (Queen of the Pacific '75)

Miss Amity - El Salvador
Miss Photogenic - India
Best National Costume - Samoa
Miss Bikini - India

BONAIRE - Judith Antonia Evertsz
CURACAO - Sharine Bikker
EL SALVADOR - Sylvia Susana Ulloa
HOLLAND - Nanny van der Kuyl (1st RU unofficial Europe '76)
ISRAEL - Pazit Antebi
NICARAGUA - Aida Maritza Sánchez
SAMOA - Darlene Jean Schwenke (Universe '75, 3rd RU Asia '75)
SINT MAARTEN - Jacqueline Gumbs
SURINAME - Sharine Bikker
Did not compete

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 05 27 Friday
In the last week of August for the third time in Aruba will be the election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental. The election week is from 22 to 31 August and is at the hotel Americana Aruba.  Brazil, Israel, Lebanon And Barbados have expressed interest in participating.  Argentina offered to hold the Miss Teenage Intercontinental, but the organizers has decided to keep the event in Aruba, for its propaganda value for tourism.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 08 01 Friday
26 countries have already registered for the the Miss Teenage Intercontinental election of 22 to 30 August.  President Atan Lee expects the number of participating countries to rise up to thirty.  For the first time there will be a participant from Netherlands, Nanny van der Kuyl, sponsored by Heineken's beer.

Atan Lee goes Tuesday to Venezuela for discussions with Venevision on the broadcasting of the pageant on Aruba.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 08 13 Wednesday
The Board of Miss Teenage Intercontinental received confirmation that Miss Teenage India also will take part in the pageant.  

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 08 16 Saturday
The election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental has been confirmed to be broadcast by Venevision.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 08 19 Tuesday
News reporters will come from the United States, Israel, Honduras, Colombia, Austria, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 08 21 Thursday
Today and tomorrow will start the arrival in Aruba of the candidates of Miss Teenage Intercontinental.  Today are expected the candidates from Austria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Netherlands and Suriname.  Expected tomorrow are the candidates from Antigua, Costa Rica, India and Venezuela.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 08 28 Thursday
Last night all the candidates of Miss Teenage Intercontinental presented their national costumes at a sold-out Cas di Cultura.  The evening was a huge success and the winner was Cathy Jean Sablok of Samoa.  Representatives of 24 countries participated.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1975 09 01 Monday  
The grand ballroom of the Americana Aruba hotel on Saturday night held one of the largest and most beautiful events ever to have taken place in Aruba, with the election and Coronation of Shohreh Nikpour, of Iran, as Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1975.  She was followed by 1st finalist Miss Venezuela, Ingrid Ceteño Carrera, and 2nd finalist Miss India, Nivurti Nunimi, who also won the title of Miss Photogenic.

England (1st RU), Nicaragua (winner), Holland (2nd RU)

Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1976
1976 August 7
Holiday Inn, Oranjestad ARU
37 participants
NOTE 19 semi-finalists were narrowed to Top 12, then 7 finalists, and finally a winner and 2 runners-up were announced.  There is no information who were in the Top 12 and Top 19.

1 NICARAGUA - Ivania Navarro Genie (winner Turismo del Caribe '76, Universe '76)
2 ENGLAND - Carol Ann Barlow (1st RU Young International '75)
3 HOLLAND - Barbara Ann Neefs (World '75, winner unofficial Europe '78)

Top 7
4 SWEDEN - Eva Sabina Nilsson (Fröken Sverige 1976)
5 U.S.A. - Gloria Lynn Renfrow
6 VENEZUELA - Lee Anne Goiri
7 ARUBA - Blanca de Mey

Among the Top 19
INDIA - Kalpana Iyer (SF World '78)

Miss Amity - Aruba
Miss Photogenic - Switzerland
Best National Costume - Ecuador
Miss Elegance - Bahamas
Miss Popularity - India

AUSTRIA - Elisabeth Schimana
BAHAMAS - Olga Marie Rolle
BELGIUM - Karien Francken
BERMUDA - Belinda Simmons
BOLIVIA - Sandra Antezana
BRAZIL - Cléia Maria de Yesus
CANADA - Lynn Hore (International '76)
CHILE - Karla Paola María Pohlhammer Alessandri
CURACAO - Tina van Bochove
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Rosemary Montolio
ECUADOR - Ana Isabel Zea Hernández
EL SALVADOR - Ligia Barrera Araujo
GERMANY - Adina Sapunaru
GUAM - Mercy Julieann Smith
GUATEMALA - Ericka Crespo
HONDURAS - Claudia María Bolaños Rietti
IRAN - Jelveh Palizban
ISRAEL - Lea Aronovitz
MARIANA ISLANDS - Wilhelmina Camacho
MEXICO - Patricia Martínez Rivera
NEW ZEALAND - Glenys Ottaway (Asia Quest '76)
PANAMA - Lourdes Allemán Ortega
PARAGUAY - Maria Cristina Fernández Samaniego (World ’76)
SRI LANKA - Nedra Wijesuriya
SINT MAARTEN - Corinne Annette Dijkhoffz
SWITZERLAND - Birgit Krahl (Universe '79, Europe '80)
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - Margareth Elizabeth McFarlane

Amigoe di Curacao - 1976 07 30 Friday
The final election and Coronation of Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1976 is on Saturday 7 August at the Holiday Inn Aruba.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1976 08 02 Monday
A KLM airliner arrived this morning with the twelve European candidates for the Miss Teenage Intercontinental and were welcomed by members of the Organizing Committee and Chief Protocol Tico Kuiperi.  Also, the consul of Sweden, Herman Somers, was present to greet Miss Sweden.
Ivania Navarro, of Nicaragua, arrived in the afternoon.  Recently she won the title of Miss Turismo del Caribe, held in Santo Domingo.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1976 08 05 Thursday
Ana Isabel Zea from Ecuador was on Wednesday night in the Americana Hotel the winner of the best national costume, during which 37 candidates competed.  

Interestingly, many candidates spoke a few words in Papiamento, making them popular with the public.  Lee Ann Goiri from Venezuela introduced herself and gave a complete description of her costume in Papiamento.

Amigoe di Curacao - 1976 08 09 Monday
Television viewers in Aruba and Venezuela watched the election of Ivana Navarro Genie of Nicaragua as Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1976.  First runner-up was Carol Ann Barlow from England while Barbara Van Neefs from Netherlands finished as the second runner-up.  The representatives of Aruba, Venezuela, Sweden and the United States were semi-finalists.

The three and a half hour show at Holiday Inn Aruba was televised by Venevision and linked to Tele Aruba.  It was a great success from beginning to end.

For the fourth consecutive year, the election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental was held in Aruba. When it began four years ago it was not imagined by the organization that they could have formed a competition on the same level as Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Young International.
NOTE Starting in 1977 the winner's sash read Miss Teen Intercontinental even though the pageant was called Miss Teenage Intercontinental.

Australia (4th RU), USA (2nd RU), England (winner), El Salvador (1st RU), Iran (3rd RU)

Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1977
1977 September 17
Americana Hotel, Oranjestad ARU
55 participants

1 ENGLAND - Elizabeth Ann Jones (Universe '78, World '78)
2 EL SALVADOR - Altagracia Arévalo (Universe '77)
3 U.S.A. - Jodie Cayle Bowen
4 IRAN - Afsaneh Bani Ardalan
5 AUSTRALIA - Tracey McFarlane

Top 12
ARUBA - Mariska Willems
COLOMBIA - Silvia Alicia Pombo Carrillo (International '77)
FINLAND - Marianne Aström
ISRAEL - Adi Hertzel
SOUTH AFRICA - Lynn Massyn (World '76)
VENEZUELA - Zulay Sotillo

Top 19
ICELAND - Sigurlaug Thorunn Bragadóttir
MEXICO - Guadalupe "Lupita" Martínez González
PHILIPPINES - Marilou Lira Lee

Miss Amity - Canada
Miss Photogenic - Finland
Miss Popularity - Bolivia
Best National Costume - Chile

Remainder (1 of whom did not compete)
BAHAMAS - Linda Miller
BELGIUM - Ariane Von Volxem
CANADA - Jacki Mary Dreher (Miss Friendship at International '77)
CHILE - Claudia Alejandra Leighton Ayala
CURACAO - Shannon Gonzalez
DENMARK - Vivi Ottesen
ECUADOR - Mabel Ceballos Sangster (Universe '78)
HOLLAND - Petra Grootjans
INDIA - Karuna Iyer
ITALY - Raffaella Pavan
KOREA - Chung Mi-hee
MAURITIUS - Geneviève Bassy
NORWAY - Torunn Riise Larsen
SRI LANKA - Malkanthi de Alcois
SINT MAARTEN - Sueling Williams
SWAZILAND - Zanella Tutu Tshabalala (withdrew from World '76 & '77)
SWEDEN - Anna Kristina Lindholm
TRANSKEI - Patricia Dasky

Amigoe - 1977 07 22 Friday
The activities for the election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental will this year be not one but a week and a half from 7 to 17 September, said Mr Atan Lee, President of the Organizing Committee at a press conference yesterday afternoon.

This year there will be a record number of candidates from 50 countries. The Presentation Ball and Coronation Ball will be organized this year by the Jaycess Aruba.

Venevision will make the first broadcast on September 14 when the national costume competition and Miss Photogenic is held in the Aruba Caribbean Hotel.  The second broadcast will be on September 17 when the final takes place at the Americana Aruba Hotel.

Amigoe - 1977 08 20 Saturday
The activities around the Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1977 election werre publicized by the opening of an office in Checkpoint by Kaspar Boekhoudt. It contains an exhibition about the pageant, including photos of the participating candidates from 50 countries.

Amigoe - 1977 08 23 Tuesday
The slogan this year is "Aruba Meets the World". This theme was chosen in connection with a record number of candidates that is going to participate, while also many press representatives will come to Aruba to report on the pageant.

Amigoe - 1977 08 31 Wednesday
The Committee of Miss Teenage Intercontinental has received requests for reservations from various countries of persons who wish to attend the election on 17 September. The Committee expects a fairly large group from Netherlands, as well as those from Costa Rica and Venezuela.

The traditional parade in the streets of Oranjestad will be on Sunday 11 September, with the candidates riding on seven floats.  There also will be a brass band, a steel band and a folkloric group in the parade.

Amigoe - 1977 09 05 Monday
Aruban flags at Princess Beatrix airport are waving welcome the fifty-five candidates who will take part in the Miss Teenage Intercontinental.  The first one to arrive this morning is from Argentina.

Amigoe - 1977 09 07 Wednesday
The first group of 25 misses arrived yesterday from all parts of the world.  They were welcomed at the airport by the Executive Council for Tourism Caspar Boekhoudt and members of the organizing Committee.  

A problem may emerge around Miss Holland, Petra Grootjans, who arrived yesterday with her mother, who insisted on staying with her daughter in the Sheraton Hotel.  The Organizing Committee explained that each candidate are to have their own rooms in the Americana Hotel and associate with the other candidates to get to know each other better, which can make the atmosphere just more pleasant.

The mother threatened to withdraw her daughter from the pageant, to which the Committee stated they will start a proceeding for reimbursement of costs incurred under the Franchise under the contract which Miss Grootjans had signed.

Amigoe - 1977 09 08 Thursday
The Dutch Miss and her mother decided to take up residence in the Americana Hotel, and the candidate will be entitled to participate in all the activities as well in the final election on 17 September.

Amigoe - 1977 09 10 Saturday
The participants and organizers of Miss Teenage Intercontinental Thursday evening were guests of the family Wong of the Astoria Hotel and restaurant during a pleasant evening, where the main course was a very tasty dinner.

Amigoe - 1977 09 12 Monday
The 54 candidates for the election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental had a very enjoyable weekend that began on Friday evening at the home of the well-known businessman Wilfred Ho Sing Loy.  "Boss" Wilfred and his staff made sure that the candidates and guests were comfortable.

Amigoe - 1977 09 15 Thursday
Claudia Leighton from Chile was elected last night as the Miss National Costume from the 55 candidates participating in the Miss Teenage Intercontinental.  The program last night was broadcast by Tele-Aruba - thanks to collaboration of Venevision - entirely in color.

Members of the local and international press on Saturday night chose Marianne Åström from Finland as the most photogenic from among the 55 candidates.  

Amigoe - 1977 09 17 Saturday
The English representative for the election of the 5th Miss Teenage Intercontinental won over 54 other candidates at the Americana Hotel on Saturday night.  Elizabeth Ann Jones, who did not understand Spanish, did not know at first that she was the lucky winner.

Finished in second place Altagracia Arevalo from El Salvador, while the candidates from the United States, Iran and Australia finished third, fourth and fifth place respectively. The winner, who was a clear favorite, was crowned by Ivana Navarro from Nicaragua, who last year conquered the same title.  

The semi-finalists, from which the five finalists were chosen, included the candidates from Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Finland, Israel, South Africa And Aruba.  The candidates who spent time with each other over ten days in Aruba chose Jacky Dreher from Canada as Miss Amistad.

The whole show and election that took three hours, was in the hands of the Venezuelan presenter Amador Bendayan, Venevision and Tele Aruba broadcast the pageant in color in the region.  Amador Bendayan, who was popular with the public, thanked the Aruban population for its cooperation and hospitality.

Atan Lee, Director of the Organization, and its employees went to the IOWUA recreation centre to join in the celebration for the fifth consecutive success of the Miss Teenage Intercontinental pageant.

Spain (4th RU), Puerto Rico (2nd RU), India (winner), Israel (1st RU), Belgium (3rd RU)

Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1978
1978 October 28
Aruba Concorde Hotel & Casino, Oranjestad ARU
44 participants

1 INDIA - Elizabeth Anita Reddi (SF World '80)
2 ISRAEL - Ilana Shoshan (Universe '80)
3 PUERTO RICO - Ada Cecille Perkins Flores (Universe '78)
4 BELGIUM - Marie-Christine Osset
5 SPAIN - Francisca Hoyos Jiménez (Young International '78)

Top 14
ARGENTINA - Graciela Patricia Marti (Young Int'l '80)
ARUBA - Belkis Wing
CHILE - Vivian Lomel
HOLLAND - Caroline Hooft (Europe '78)
IRAN - Taraneh Kaysar
NORWAY - Elisabeth Klaeboe (1st RU Scandinavia '79, SF Young Int'l '78, World '78)
U.S.A. - Shelly Johnson
VENEZUELA - Rosa del Valle Martínez Sayago (1st RU Maja '79)

Miss Amity - India
Miss Photogenic - Israel
Best National Costume - India

Remainder (2 of whom did not compete)
AUSTRALIA - Ann Atkins
BAHAMAS - Kimberly Denis Darville
BOLIVIA - Aida Aicha
BONAIRE - Corrine Rosseley Hernandez (Universe '78)
BRAZIL - Stella Maris Monteiro Antunes
CANADA - Heather Anne Hazell (Young Int'l '78)
COLOMBIA - Marta Eugenia Gómez Granados
CURACAO - Sahayra Nisbet
DENMARK - Anette Henderson
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Linda María Ordóñez Vargas
ECUADOR - Maria Insua
EL SALVADOR - Iris Yvette Mazorra Castro (Universe '78, World '78, SF Ambar '78)
FINLAND - Riitta Tellervo Yli-Karro
FRANCE - Michèle Viravaud
GERMANY - Claudia Pilchmeier
GREECE - Maria Konstantellou
GUATEMALA - Claudia Maria Iriarte (Universe '78)
HONDURAS - Vania Maribel García
ICELAND - Silja Allansdóttir
ITALY - Anna Massarelli
KOREA - Park Kyoung-ae
MEXICO - Maria del Carmen Montesinos Alcázar
NICARAGUA - Nadyr Avalos Cajina
PANAMA - Diana Leticia Conte Vergara
PHILIPPINES - Bella Ruth Baliguas
SINGAPORE - Pamela Cecilia Woodford
SURINAME - Jenny Stolz
SWEDEN - Charlotta Norberg
SWITZERLAND - Anita Aeschlimann
UNITED KINGDOM - Pamela Anne Rundle
URUGUAY - Nidia Silvera (International '79)

Amigoe -   1978 09 07 Thursday
Miss Teenage Intercontinental - the largest youth-beauty contest in the world - is being held this year for the sixth consecutive time and its headquarters will be in the ARUBA Concorde Hotel.  Invitations have been sent to 53 countries.

The President of the Miss Teenage International organization, Atan Lee, suggested last night during the first press conference that none of the 15 working members of the Committee will get paid for their work, in order to eliminate any favoritism for any of the candidates.

Amigoe -   1978 10 04 Wednesday
The candidates from Europe will arrive on 16 October in Aruba, while the others will arrive later during the same week. The official program schedule begins on 18 October and ends on 28 October with the election and coronation of Miss Teenage Intercontinental. The Crown is made available by Maggy's Boutique.

Amigoe -   1978 10 06 Friday
The number of countries that sent their candidate's name and other data to the Organizing Committee of Miss Teen Intercontinental has risen to 35.  Aruba Concorde Hotel has made available 60 rooms for the candidates, the international press and the Organizing Committee.

Amigoe -   1978 10 12 Thursday
Atan Lee said last night at the opening of the press centre at the Concorde Hotel that only the intervention of the Central Government will enable a television broadcast of the pageant.  However, little interest has been shown in offering a helping hand to this broadcast.  

According to Mr. Lee, the only problem is the satellite connection between Aruba and Curacao.  The connection between Curacao and Venezuela is already in action, but Venezuela currently uses the micro-wave system on Curacao for broadcast of the baseball world series.

Amigoe -   1978 10 17 Tuesday
The first group of candidates for the Miss Teenage Intercontinental event arrived yesterday in Aruba.  The rest is expected today and tomorrow.  There will be 45 candidates from different countries.

Amigoe -   1978 10 18 Wednesday
Maria Konstandelou of Greece only spoke Greek, which resulted in difficulties as there was no translator.  However, when she went shopping in Nassau Street she met a cashier, Emilie Bradshaw, who had lived for some years in Greece.  From then on, Mrs. Bradshaw was brought in as interpreter for Miss Greece.

Atan Lee, in an exclusive interview with Amigoe, said, "They think that we earn money with the election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental, but it is not true."  It depends on the participation of the public, because, unfortunately the Central Government does not provide such cooperation for the international event.  Nothing has been heard regarding transmittion of the pageant via satellite.

The downswing, said Mr. Lee, is due to economic problems.  During the first year there was a budget of 60,000 guilders, which quadrupled and now costs 250,000 guilders.   "I call these figures not to brag," said Atan Lee, "but just to emphasize the growth of this international event, which also shows how important this is for Aruba."

Amigoe -   1978 10 20 Friday
The ballroom of Concorde Hotel yesterday morning was the setting for the presentation of sashes by Louis Cham and Stanley Albertus of the hotel.  The Chief Protocol of the island territory, Tico Kuiperi, and the two Misses Hospitality, Anabela de Sousa and Flavia Koolman, placed the sashes around each candidate.  There were 35 candidates present, while the 12 candidates who at that time had not yet arrived in Aruba would later be given their sashes.

Amigoe -   1978 10 23 Monday
One of the candidates of Miss Teenage Intercontinental, which has made herself the most popular, is without a doubt Miss Italy, Anna Massarelli.  Everywhere she goes to a dance show she does her "one-girl" John Travolta-inspired disco performance.

The public got the opportunity to get up close to the young ladies from all over the world who take part in the Miss Teenage Intercontinental.  Standing on a dozen jeeps the candidates made a tour through the streets of Oranjestad.

Amigoe -   1978 10 26 Thursday
Last night in the ballroom of the Aruba Concorde Hotel - in the presence of Lieutenant Governor and Mrs Frans Wernet - Anita Reddi of India was chosen as the candidate with the best national costume.  The honor of Miss Photogenic - chosen by international and local press photographers during a party at the Divi Divi Beach Hotel - went to Ilana Shoshan from Israel Saturday night.  Stella Maris Monteiro of Brazil arrived last night as the 44th and last participant for Miss Teenage Intercontinental.

From the short speech made by each candidate in presenting her costume, proved time and time again, that the young ladies had not much trouble speaking Papiamento.  Both Misses El Salvador and Ireland got thunderous applause for their tender speeches in Papiamento.  

In many languages the candidates not only brought their sometimes very fine and original costumes, but repeatedly expressed satisfaction and enthusiasm for Aruba, a compliment for the Organizing Committee whose members are constantly striving to make the guests feel welcome.

Amigoe -   1978 10 30 Monday
There was great excitement Saturday night at the Concorde Hotel over the election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental, to which 44 countries participated.

The 19-year-old model from India, Anita Reddi, not only won the Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1978 title but also the award for Miss Amity and the highest honor for the national costume.  The Indian community in Aruba greeted the news with great joy.

The judges consisted of the ladies Eileen Ford (Ford modeling), Miss Teen Princess Aruba 1976 Blanca de Mey, (journalist), and the men Rafael Monterro (general manager Concorde Hotel), Leo Kuiperi (Director Aruba Trading) and Jos van der Schoot (Chairman of the Aruba press club), with Atan Lee as Chairman.
NOTE Miss Teenage Intercontinental was re-named Miss Teen Intercontinental

Greece (3rd RU), Chile (1st RU), USA (winner), Belgium (2nd RU), Aruba (4th RU)

Miss Teen Intercontinental 1979
1979 October 6
Aruba Concorde Hotel & Casino, Oranjestad ARU
30 participants

1 U.S.A. - Mary Ann Shaughnessy
2 CHILE - Andrea Labarca Serna
3 BELGIUM - Dominique Van Eeckhoudt (4th RU Universe '81, SF International '81, SF World '81, winner Nations '81)
4 GREECE - Diana Zachou (Young International '79)
5 ARUBA - Sheila Lopez

Top 12
COLOMBIA - Ana Maria Ramírez Roa (1st RU Café 79)
SINGAPORE - Billie Tan
SPAIN - Maria Remedios Tena Durán (Young International '80)
VENEZUELA - Enza Carbon

Miss Congeniality - Curacao
Miss Photogenic - Aruba
Best National Costume - Spain
Miss Casino - Venezuela

Among the remainder
ARGENTINA - Viviana Ines Ramirez
FINLAND - Nina Mariaana Rekola (SF Universe '83)
HOLLAND - Yvonne de Groot
ISRAEL - Orly Bracha
NORWAY - Nina Lovendal (Young International '79)
PHILIPPINES - Emma Mascareñas
Needs to be confirmed

Amigoe - 1979 09 12 Wednesday
The Board of the Miss Teenage Intercontinental will hold a press conference this evening, during which it will be announced that the pageant will be held again this year in Aruba.

It is not certain if the Miss Teenage Intercontinental organization might receive a grant from the Government.  If there is a profit, that would void the grant.  Despite the difficult financial situation, Miss Teenage Intercontinental has already proven in the past to be an important marketing and tourist publicity for Aruba.

Amigoe - 1979 09 13 Thursday
At last night's press conference it was announced that the Miss Teenage Intercontinental will be held on 6 October in the Aruba Concorde Hotel.

No less than 45 different countries are expected to participate.  This will be the seventh straight year that it is held in Aruba.  It is hoped that a grant will be given, to enable payment of the travels of the participants to Aruba.  Guests are expected in Aruba on 27 and 28 September, and the program of activities will begin on the 29th.

Miss Teen Princess Aruba 1979, Sheila Lopez, will represent Aruba in the election.  Guests will be offered a barbecue, and the official opening will take place with a presentation ball in the Connie Francis Club in Santa Cruz.

Amigoe - 1979 09 26 Wednesday
The final election of Miss Teenage Intercontinental to which candidates from more than 40 countries will take part, will this year take place in the ballroom of Concorde Hotel on 6 October.

The activities will begin Saturday with the installation of sashes of the candidates, followed by lunch offered offered by Aruba Beach Club, where a disco queen will be chosen.

In the evening of the same day the Astoria Hotel offered a dinner, after which the presentation ball will take place in the Connie Francis Club, with music by Cryptus Confession and Version Original.

On Sunday morning at half past ten there will be a holy mass in the Church of Santa Cruz, after which a barbecue at Andicuri will be offered by the Indian community in ARUBA in honor of Anita Reddi, Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1978.

On Sunday evening there will be a reception at the home of Atan Lee.  On October 1 the candidates will take a round trip of the island, and in the evening they will be guests of Lieutenant Governor Urbano Maduro during a cocktail party and dinner in Aruba Beach Club.

Amigoe - 1979 10 03 Wednesday
Yesterday the Lieutenant Governor offered a barbecue in Hotel Astoria to the participants, each of whom gave a gift from their countries to Mr. Maduro.

Amigoe - 1979 10 06 Saturday
Yesterday afternoon 30 candidates were the guests of the Wong family in Cattle Baron, while last night Mr Roy Harms offered a barbecue, where the Concord Steel band provided musical entertainment. Saturday afternoon Minister Chenco Yarzagaray and Henry Fingal will host the candidates in Trocadero for lunch.  At eight o'clock tonight the finale with the election and Coronation of Miss Teen Intercontinental 1979 will be followed by a coronation cocktail party by Mr Ho-Sing-Loy.

Meanwhile, an excellent relationship prevails among the candidates from 30 countries.  They spoke particularly not only about the Aruban hospitality, but also the excellent organization of the Miss Teenage Intercontinental Committee headed by Atan Lee.

Amigoe - 1979 10 08 Monday
Concorde Hotel on Saturday night Mary Anne Shaughnessy (United States) was chosen as Miss Teenage Intercontinental 1979.  She was crowned by the General Advisor of the Executive Council Betico Croes (see photo).  On the other picture the five finalists from the thirty candidates who took part: Diana Zahou (Greece) third runner up, Andrea Labarca (Chile) first runner up, Mary Ann Shaughnessy (United States) 1979, Dominique van Eeckhoudt (Belgium), second runner up and Sheila Lopez (Aruba) fourth runner-up.

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