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France (3rd RU), England (1st RU), Argentina (winner), Colombia (2nd RU), Venezuela (4th RU)

Miss Teen Intercontinental 1980
1980 October 4
Punto Fijo, VEN
40 participants
NOTE The delegates arrived in Aruba for a few days, then the rehearsals and the final show were done in Venezuela.
A Top 12 was chosen, then the Top 5
1  ARGENTINA  Elizabeth Patricia Gasiewicz
2  ENGLAND  Regina Anna Kerr
3  COLOMBIA  Ana Edilma "Eddy" Cano Puerta (Universe '81, winner Café '82)
4  FRANCE  Patricia Sismondini
5  VENEZUELA  Maria Eugenia Obaró
Among the Top 12
AUSTRALIA  Lynette Laming
FINLAND  Mia Marjut Carita Broman
Miss Congeniality  ARUBA
Miss Photogenic  AUSTRALIA
Best National Costume  (not known)
Among the remainder
ARUBA  Sasha Wever
BAHAMAS  Cheryl Gladys Sawyer
ECUADOR  Sandra Zea
GERMANY  Patricia Singer
HOLLAND  Anouk Boersma
HONDURAS  Bertila Santos
ISRAEL  Smadar Ben-Dor
ITALY  Sonia De Gaudenzi
NORWAY  Heidi Louise Oiseth (International '80)
SABA  Cheryl Ann Hassell
ST. MAARTEN  Solange Apon
Needs to be confirmed
There does not seem to be any news articles in Internet about the Miss Teen Intercontinental pageant held in Venezuela.  Might anyone have any to contribute?

Germany (2nd RU), Argentina (3rd RU), Brazil (winner), Sweden (4th RU), Austria (1st RU)
Miss Teen Intercontinental 1981
1981 October 23
Aparta Hotel El Golf, Barranquilla COL
38 participants
1  BRAZIL  Cristiane Lisita Passos
2  AUSTRIA  Elke Strommer
3  GERMANY  Bettina Seylert (SF Europe '82)
4  ARGENTINA  Adriana Mónica Yocys
5  SWEDEN  Eva Floren
Top 12
AUSTRALIA  Jacqueline Curry
BELGIUM  Mireille Billen
COLOMBIA  Claudia Patricia Giraldo Arango
FRANCE  Marie Laure Flock
ITALY  Roberta Tozzi
NORWAY  Lisbeth Wavik
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  Charmaine Laguerre
Miss Congeniality  NORWAY
Miss Photogenic  ITALY
Best National Costume  MEXICO  
ARUBA  Jovanka Croes-Pieterz
BERMUDA  Lissa Suzan Skinner
BOLIVIA  Gladys Parada Méndez
CANADA  Rhoda Stikelbroek
COSTA RICA  Maria Alejandra Peña Ortega (Young International '81, 4th RU Maja '82)
CURACAO  Karin Melfor
DENMARK  Pia Jensen
ECUADOR  Gisella Maria Puerta del Barco
EL SALVADOR  Claudia Umaña
ENGLAND  Jane Karen Davidson
FINLAND  Sanna Marita Pekkala (World '83, 2nd RU Europe '84)
GUATEMALA  Yuma Rossana Lobos Orellana (Universe '81)
HOLLAND  Anita Philipsen
HONDURAS  Iris Milady Salina
IRELAND  Karen Curran (International '84)
MEXICO  Lourdes Escalante de Águila
PANAMA  Yolanda Arosemena
PERU  Jeannette Vergara
PHILIPPINES  Zenayda de Andrés
PUERTO RICO  Emeshe Huhaz Alvarado
SCOTLAND  Julie Marcella Cheeseman
SWITZERLAND  Patricia Daniela Langerbacher
USA  Amy Ruth Coverdale (SF USA '85)
VENEZUELA  Elizabeth Betancourt
WALES  Trudy Marie Lane
Did not compete
El Tiempo :  1981 October 10
From all corners of the world, 41 young women are preparing to meet in Barranquillo next October 16 to participate in the Miss Teen Intercontinental pageant.
Barranquilla was selected to host the contest over cities around the world.  The Aparta Hotel El Golf, Distribudora San Jose and Cogollo Communication advertising agency have the responsiblity to make it a success.
Initially the pageant was scheduled in Puerto Galeon, Santa Marta, but due to labor problems the hotel executives rejected the offer and this was transferred to Barranquilla.
The local organizers showed Atan Lee a sketch of what would be in the international beauty contest.  After a few renovations a tentative final program will be presented to Mr. Lee in a few days.
On October 15 a Special Committee at the Ernesto Cortissoz Airport will be responsible for each candidate that arrive in Barranquilla.  There will be entertainment by musical ensembles and dance group.
For 16 October is scheduled the first formal presentation of the 41 young women to the local authorities and consular corps along with members of the jury.
Saturday 17 October will begin with breakfast at the Aparta Hotel El Golf.  Lunch will be offered by the Mayor of the city, during which the warden Moseres Perez will deliver to the candidates the keys of the city.  In the evening will be the first official encounter with the press and the official presentation of the candidates at a great feast of gala in the elegant salons of the Aparta Hotel El Golf.
Sunday, October 18 will have a picnic in Rose Nuro hacienda on the outskirts of the city.  There will be a private showing of the candidates with the jury.
Monday, October 19, a joyous caravan of candidates, chaperones, organizers, judges, press and special guests will go to Cartagena, where will be transferred the headquarters of the contest for which the city will make some presentations to the public and parades to the judges in the historical walls and the beautiful beaches of the Corralito de Pedra, as well as a tour of all the historical sites.
In Cartagena, Mayor Augusto Martínez Martínez will deliver to the candidates keys of the city, and later will offer an elegant reception.
The next day, Tuesday, October 20, the candidates will return to Barranquilla, where for two hours the 41 candidates will be presented to the press photographers; then there will be a session of preliminary contests and in the evening a dinner offered by Eastern Airlines.
On Wednesday and Thursday following would be devoted entirely to interviews and presentations privately with the judges.  Only on Wednesday evening there will be a special event at the covered Coliseum where the public will view a great show with the candidates.  Here will be the awarding of Miss Photogenic by members of the press and Miss National Costume, by a Special Commission.  
Friday, December 23rd will be the grand finale.  This day is the election and coronation of Miss Teen Intercontinental 1981.  For this the designer of the contest Edmundo Alver, man of much experience, will present a stage style theater with a capacity for 2,000 people in the interior of the Aparta Hotel El Golf, headquarters of the international contest.
Saturday October 24 will be the farewell and in the morning there will be a press conference with the new sovereign.
NOTE Miss Teen Intercontinental was re-named Miss Intercontinental

Argentina (2nd RU), Brazil (4th RU), Miss Teen Intercontinental 1981, U.S.A. (winner), Wales (1st RU), Finland (3rd RU)
Miss Intercontinental 1982
1982 December 11
Hotel Caribe, Cartagena CO
42 participants
1  USA  Jodee Joy Dominici
2  WALES  Caroline Jane Williams (SF Young International '81, SF International '82, 3rd RU Europe '82)
3  ARGENTINA  Rossana Maritza Sartor
4  FINLAND  Viola Viktoria Bussman
5  BRAZIL  Márcia Cristine de Carvalho Macedo
Top 12
AUSTRALIA  Lana Walkenden
COLOMBIA  Rosabell Castell Britton
ENGLAND  Della Frances Dolan (SF Universe '82, 2nd RU World '82)
PORTUGAL  Suzana Walker dos Santos Dias (World '82)
PUERTO RICO  Mary Rodríguez
SPAIN  Milagros Pérez Castro (SF International '83, World '83)
VENEZUELA  Sondra Carpio Useche
Miss Congeniality  (no information)
Miss Photogenic  BRAZIL
Best National Costume  BRAZIL
ARUBA  Xyna Giel
AUSTRIA  Heidemarie Pilgerstorfer (World '84)
BELGIUM  Alice Amiable
CANADA  Laura Claudia Ciancolo (International '82)
CHILE  Ingrid María Niemann Solari
COSTA RICA  Sigrid Lizano Mejía (International '82, Maja Int'l '83)
CURACAO  Ivette del Carmen Atacho (World '84)
CYPRUS  Marina Elena Rauscher (World '82, Universe '83)
DENMARK  Susie Tovefastrup
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  Yocasta Reyes Fernández
ECUADOR  Denise Klein
EL SALVADOR  Jeannette Orietta Marroquín (Universe '82, Café 83)
FRANCE  Isabelle Messager
GERMANY  Liane Schurer
GREECE  Elena Kalymniou
GUAM  Dina Ann Reyes Salas (Universe '86, International '86)
GUATEMALA  Carla Giovanna Aldana Fontana (World '84)
HOLLAND  Cornelia Boetzer
HONDURAS  Martha Patricia Huezo Bustamante
IRELAND  Roberta Brown (6th RU World '82, 2nd RU Universe '83)
ITALY  Gabriella Pincer
MALTA  Agnes Vassar
MEXICO  Landy Ivone Bretón Loeza
PANAMA  Maria Eugenia Correa
PARAGUAY  Yolanda Goodacre
PERU  Maria Ursula Lahoud Velaochaga
SCOTLAND  Lena Masterton (International '82, Europe '82)
SWEDEN  Erika Wolst
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  Jenny Mattadeen
URUGUAY  Dinorah González Carpio (International '77)
El Tiempo :  1982 December 14
"Miss Intercontinental pageant ended with an embarrassing incident"
The new Miss Intercontinental was outraged and on the verge of losing her crown, when the President of the contest wanted her to dance with him on Saturday night.
The incident took place in the Caribbean Hotel, where the contest was held Saturday night and ended at noon yesterday, when the new Miss Intercontinental, Jodee Joy  Dominici, returned to the United States.
With tears in her eyes, the beautiful 17-year-old American told this correspondent what happened from the night of 5 Saturday until now.
According to her, after she won the contest, she did not attend the coronation ball, instead returning to her hotel room to go to sleep.  Atan Lee went to her door and asked her to go back downstairs and dance with him.
She refused to leave her room.  Moments later, Atan Lee came back to her room and once again asked her to go with him to the dance.
In a few moments the room phone rang.  It was from her parents, calling from the USA to congratulate their daughter on winning the contest.  They were ignorant of the "hell" that their daughter was experiencing at the time.
Atan Lee did not allow Jodee to speak with her parents, and they argued again for a while.  Finally he agreed to let her converse with her parents.
But at the same time Atan Lee lashed out at the beauty in a violent way, pushed her out of the room and forced her to go to the Hall where the party was taking place.
Mr Lee forced Jodee to dance with him for a while and then ordered her to remain seated beside him.  She was not allowed to talk to the members of the jury to thank them for her election as the new Miss Intercontinental.
Few moments later, the beautiful American went to her room and returned with her chaperone, which displeased Mr Lee because he did not want the chaperone to be with them.
When eventually the party ended, Jodee went to her room.  Shortly after that, Mr Lee banged on the door and she opened it.  Lee scolded her as an immature girl that could not deal with difficult situations.  There was a struggle between the two, then Mr Lee pushed her.
The crown was over the American's bed and Mr Lee took it, as well as the Miss Intercontinental sash that was worn during the Coronation Ball.
There was another struggle when Jodee picked up her scepter, and Mr Lee tried to snatch it.  Lee, 1.80 of height, dominated Jodee who measured only 1.68.
The President then left the room, carrying the crown and sash.
Throughout the day yesterday Sunday, Atan Lee would not talk to Jodee and the situation was quite tense, while the other candidates who had learned about the incident severely censured Mr Lee and stated that next year many countries will decline the invitation to participate in the contest.
In the morning Monday there was a new altercation between Jodee and Mr Lee, who refused to hand over the crown, on the grounds that she could not be the winner, because she was not fulfilling advertising commitments immediately in Colombia.
She retorted that she has not signed any contract and would not comply with something that had not been signed.
In the midst of insults and rudeness by Mr Lee, he ordered the American to then go "for where I want."  She tried to claim her crown, and the man refused to surrender it.
Jodee grabbed the crown and sash that was in Lee's office and ran out.  Lee managed to grab the sash but Jodee launched a cry that forced him to stop to avoid a major scandal.
The Manager of the hotel, Patricia Restrepo, intervened and took Jodee to her room and called the police.
Jodee remained in her room and Atan Lee in his, making it impossible to talk with him or with other members of the Organizing Committee.
In the evening, Jodee left the hotel to go to the airport where she took a plane to Los Angeles and from there to her hometown, with a bitter experience of the pageant.
The scandal involving Lee originated a series of criticisms to the contest, which is said that it is a scandalous business that was not of any benefit to the country.
It should be noted, moreover, that its organizers refused all cooperation to the press, up to that point and this correspondent was not allowed to enter the hotel to observe the contest and Coronation Saturday, even though he had the credentials issued by the Committee.
El Tiempo :  1982 12 20
"President of Miss Intercontinental denies charges over his behavior"
Tal Kim Raymundo, known as Atan Lee and President of the Miss Intercontinental contest that concluded last week in Cartagena, denied that he had tried to abuse Jodee Joy Dominici, the American that was chosen as Miss Intercontinental, although he admitted that there was an incident with the young woman that he was going to disqualify.
According to him, the only altercation with Jodee took place on Monday 13, two days after the election, when he learned that the young woman was preparing to return to the United States that was not going to meet a few commercial commitments in Bogota.
Atan Lee denied that he used force with the winner and that he never forced her to dance with him.
The Miss Intercontinental President returned to Bogota in order to clarify the events during the contest, because he was accused of leaving the country incognito and said he feels wounded, because "I am a gentleman, I have an obligation to care for the young participants and anything that happens to them is my responsibility."
According to him, the altercation between him and the young winner took place when he went up to her room, accompanied by his Secretary, Maritza Reyes. to explain why she should not leave the country without first doing the commercial commitments in Bogota.
However, on Monday Jodee refused to accompany Atan Lee to Bogota, which caused him to inform her that he would disqualify her unless she changed her decision before 3 p.m. that afternoon.
Atan Lee further explained that at 1:30 pm Jodee took a plane to Bogota in order to catch a connection to her country.
Atan said, "I received a call from her father who was disappointed by the incident.  Even told me that he was willing to pay for the stay of his daughter in Bogota to record commercials."  However, Mr Lee replied that he would accept an apology from nobody except Jodee, and, indeed, shortly afterward she called him to inform him that she was now willing to honour the commitment.
He added that it was already too late, because he had cancelled the contract with a commercial firm.
"However, the Queen and I were in very good relations and she will stay for two weeks  in my home in Aruba to attend the Carnival in February, as is the custom since the competition began 10 years ago," said the Organizer.
According to exclusive information published by El Tiempo on Tuesday, 14th this month, the first incident between Jodee and Atan Lee occurred on the night of the election, when he wanted to prevent her from attending the Coronation Ball and later forced her to go to the living room, dance with him for a bit, and sit next to the owner of the hotel.
Information in this journal said also that Mr. Lee tried to prevent Jodee from speaking on telephone with her parents and he came to her room to remove the Crown.  He grappled with her and left the room with the band and the Crown.  The next day there was a new quarrel because she wanted to retrieve her things, but Mr Lee refused to surrender them.  Therefore Jodee refused to meet commercial commitments.
In this regard, Atan Lee said that it is true that he advised Miss Dominici to go early to her room, as on the next morning she had a press conference, but denied that he had forced her to dance with him.
"I danced with her because journalists asked me to do it to take a picture of us, even if I was fatigued and wanted to rest, as I was four weeks in Cartagena, featuring all of the contest and attending events with the candidates," he said, adding that he told Jodee to sit with the owner of the Caribbean Hotel and to be there half an hour in order to please the audience.
At the beginning, Jodee refused, but finally understood that it was a reasonable request, attended the Ball and then withdrew without any problems to her room.
Mr Lee provided a tape in which Aruba journalists interviewed Jodee about the embarrassing episode in Cartagena and she said that Atan Lee is a gentleman, who always treated her well and never had problems with anyone at the time.  She added that at the party Mr Lee advised her not to dance with anyone "but because I was the Queen" and thus special.
Mr Lee said the Caribbean Hotel not only breached some clauses of the contract but that they retaliated by giving erroneous releases to the press and attacking his organization.
He accused them of trying to give him a bad time and obstruct his organization's work, because they were not satisfied with the economic results of the competition.
"The head staff of Caribbean Hotel complained that they did not not have enough publicity with the competition, but that is not our fault.  Also the hotel intended to have the girls attend its Coffee Shop at night as a way to attract customers, but the rules of the competition are clear and they have to retire early to rest," said Lee.

Aruba (4th RU), Peru (2nd RU), Holland (winner), Bolivia (1st RU), Brazil (3rd RU)
Miss Intercontinental 1983
1983 November 13
Tele-Aruba, Oranjestad ARU
40 participants
1  HOLLAND  Brigitte Bergman (SF International '83, Universe '85, Most Beautiful Girl in the World '85, World '85, 2nd RU Europe '85)
2  BOLIVIA  Sandra Ximena Aliaga Czerniewicz (Young '83, Latin America '84, Maja '86)
3  PERU  Maria Lucila del Rosario Boggiano Lacca (1st RU Café '82, winner Mrs World '89)
4  BRAZIL  Rejane Heiden
5  ARUBA  Marjorie Marisa Flemming
Top 12
ARGENTINA  Patricia Graciela Moriconi
ITALY  Carmen Di Martini
MEXICO  Luz Maria Arias Ochoa
PANAMA  Xenia Jeannette Combe Jaén
PHILIPPINES  Marilou Adina
PORTUGAL  Isabel Maria dos Santos (SF Young Int'l '83)
VENEZUELA  Helene Suzette Chemaly Abudei
Miss Congeniality  (no information)
Miss Photogenic  PUERTO RICO
Best National Costume  PERU  
AUSTRALIA  Roxane Ward
AUSTRIA  Traude Katzer
BELGIUM  Brigitte Blondel
BONAIRE  Susan Teresa Angela (Turismo del Caribe '85)
CANADA  Ellen Dubin
COLOMBIA  Maria de Los Angeles Torres Núñez (Latin America '83)
COSTA RICA  Denia Leyton Guerrero (Café '83)
CURACAO  Mildred Maharaj
CYPRUS  Marina Petrou
DENMARK  Ida Rishel
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  María Josefina Martínez (World '88)
ECUADOR  Glenda Garay
ENGLAND  Nicola Stanley (SF International '83)
FINLAND  Niina Maarit Kesäniemi (International '83)
FRANCE  Veronique Morice
GERMANY  Sylvia Enders
GREECE  Plousia "Sia" Farfaraki (Universe & International '83, SF Europe '84)
GUADELOUPE  Lydia Martine Galin (Universe '82)
GUATEMALA  Berta Victoria Gonzáles García (Universe '83)
HONDURAS  Kathia Alfaro
JAMAICA  Novia Swatton
NORWAY  Lone Larsen
PUERTO RICO  Carmen Batiz Vergara (Universe '83)
SPAIN  Martha Jamilla
ST. EUSTATIUS  Alida Francis
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  Francilla Ryan
URUGUAY  Rosina G. Vásques (Young Int'l '83)
USA  Deborah Fields
Amigoe :  1983 10 25   Tuesday
The Miss Intercontinental Committee has entirely finished the program for 1983 that on 1 November begins with the arrival of the first guests and will take end on 12 November.
Cooperation was encountered on all sides, in particular the sponsors Budweiser and Pan Am. The first official activity is on Friday 4 November, in the morning at ten o'clock with the installation of the candidates by Deputy Efrain de Kort, in the Aruba Caribbean Hotel where the flags of the participating countries have been hoisted.  Friday night there will be celebration in Santa Cruz  at which the candidates will participate. There is a large number of dinners and lunches with meetings in night clubs, etc.  The election of Miss Intercontinental 1983 is on Saturday 12 November in the studio of Tele Aruba.
Amigoe :  1983 10 26   Wednesday
The elections of Miss Photogenic and Miss National Costume will be on 8 November, under the sponsorship of Amigoe di ARUBA and Instituto di Cultura.  Conhunto Sumeda will offer music among the activities of the programme.
Amigoe :  1983 11 05    Saturday
39 candidates from all parts of the world received their official sashes yesterday yesterday morning in the Papiamento Room of the Aruba Caribbean Hotel.   The sashes were given by the Regional Councillor responsible for tourism, Efrain de Kort, undoubtedly a pleasant part of his tourism duties.
Amigoe :  1983 11 07    Monday
Lieutenant Governor and Mrs Pedro Bislip hosted a successful and cosy reception on Saturday evening.  Each of the 39 candidates brought a gift from her country.  There were gems from Brazil, wines from Italy, rum from Jamaica and many other things.
Yesterday the candidates were guests of architect Dan Oduber at Daymari, which ended with a Miss Aruba Cocktail Party.  This morning the candidates made a trip around the island, sponsored by Estrella Supermarket.  Tonight Mr and Mrs Efrain de Kort, a representative of Avon on Aruba, will host a reception for the candidates.
Tomorrow begins the rehearsals for the election on Saturday night at Tele Aruba.
Amigoe :  1983 11 08    Tuesday
A Pan Am passenger plane arrived yesterday afternoon from New York, bringing Miss Intercontinental 1982, Jodee Joy Dominici.  At the airport she was greeted by members of the Organizing Committee.
Tonight the candidates will visit the Watapana festival in Oranjestad. This will occur under the leadership of the group Simadanza under Astrid Salazar.  A few local artists, such as Claudius Philips, Olivia Murray, Edwin Abath, Janice Tromp and all the finalists of the Antillean Otifest will be present.  The musical accompaniment will be by La Selectade.  It is possible that the Orchestra of Fermando Villalona will be present.
Tomorrow night, around the pool of the Aruba Caribbean Hotel, the candidates will present themselves in swimsuit, evening wear and national costumes.  After that, the Miss Photogenic and Miss National Costume winners will be announced.
Amigoe :  1983 11 09   Wednesday
The candidates for Miss Intercontinental 1983 were Tuesday afternoon guests of the Manchebo Beach Hotel.  
Amigoe :  1983 11 11   Friday
Last night there was great interest in Miss Peru, Lucia Bogiana Laca, chosen at Miss National Costume.  The press chose Miss Puerto Rico, Carmen Batiz, as Miss Photogenic.  In addition, a jury of 5 residents of Aruba pre-selected 12 of the candidates as semi-finalists, but the results will be not announced until on Saturday night at the finals.
The program was very good last night with a large variation of music.  There were "Trio Los Arubenos", "The Young Voices", the ballet school presented folklore dance.  The dance group "Arubaile" gave a good show especially with a Brazilian dance piece.
The Miss Intercontinental Committee can look back on an outstanding evening
De Telegraaf :  1983 11 14    Monday
Tears of joy  flowed down Brigitte Bergman's face when she was selected as Miss Intercontinental 1983.  The 18-year-old schoolgirl from Utrecht won the title Saturday night.  Jodee Dominici, the previous year's winner, helped dry the tears.  Brigitte said emotionally, after she was given flowers and prizes, "I am very surprised, because I had really never thought this."
Amigoe :  1983 11 15    Tuesday
The report of the Organizing Committee for the election of Miss International 1983 shows that the event on Aruba has received a lot of interest all over the world.  United Press had a special representative on Aruba and photographs were taken by Reuters agency.  The candidates returned to their home countries yesterday.  The new Miss International 1983 remains until Thursday in Playa Linda.  All candidates were full of praise for their stay on Aruba and the excellent organization.  The Committee is grateful to all the cooperation that they received.
Amigoe :  1983 11 17    Thursday
The Executive Council hosted a reception in Surfside, where the Deputy for Tourism, Efrain de Kort, appointed Miss Intercontinental 1983 a "goodwill ambassador" of Aruba.  She departs Thursday to Netherlands via London.
Amigoe :  1984 03 01
Councillor for Cultural Affairs, Frank Croes, hosted a luncheon for three foreign beauty queens as well as three Aruban Misses, for the Carnival celebration.  In a photo were: Princess Aruba Marjorie Flemming, first runner-up Miss Intercontinental Sandra Aliaga (Bolivia), Miss Intercontinental Brigitte Bergman (Netherlands), Deputy Frank Croes, Carnival Queen of the Netherlands Antilleans Joyce Blijd, Youth Carnival Queen 1984 Natasha Felix, Carnival Queen Aruba 1983 Moira Lioe-A-Tjam & SAC President Milo Croes.
Lodi News-Sentinel :  1984 05 14
Applications are being accepted for the Miss California Empire Pageant at the Sheraton Plaza L.A. Reina Hotel in Los Angeles.  The winner will take a trip to the Caribbean Island of Aruba for a two week stay while she competes in the world finals of the Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant.

Amigoe :  1984 10 18
Ex-professional athlete Nelson Salas Jr. met top surfers and Miss Intercontinental in Schevingen during the "2nd O'Neill Pro World Cup" as public relations manager of Aruba Sailsurfing.  In the photo, left to right:  topsurfer Bobby Naish, Miss Intercontinental Brigitte Bergman, topsurfer Pete Cabrinha, Nelson Salas Jr. and topsurfer Dennie Hennevanger, a young man who learned windsurfing in Aruba.
The Miss Intercontinental pageant was discontinued in 1984, for reasons not known.
The Nigeria Years
The Miss Africa International pageants were held in Lagos, Nigeria, from 1986 to 1992.  For some strange reason the winners were referred to as Miss Inter-Continental.
Here are a few articles which were unearthed from searches of newspaper archives.  There is not much information.  If any of you have additional material, I would be happy to include these here (be sure to state the sources & dates).  Please do NOT use information from Wikipedia and/or the official pageant site.
From Neil C. of the Bahamas:
The pageant was started because there was not much interest from Nigerian women in participating in beauty contests. It was hoped that an international pageant would encourage them, as well as promote pageants in Nigeria. The Bahamas Director was involved, because during the Miss Universe 1986 pageant he met a committee member from Nigeria who was there, even though there was no Miss Nigeria in the competition. They came up with the idea of an international pageant in Nigeria. The Bahamas chaperone was invited to Nigeria to help organize the pageant. All her expenses were paid for.
Information for Miss Africa International / Miss World Africa International / Miss Inter-Continental / Miss Intercontinental pageants of 1986 to 1992
1986 November 23
Lagos NGR
13 entries
1  PUERTO RICO  Elizabeth Robison Latalladi (SF Universe '86, SF International '86)
2  GAMBIA  Rose Marie Eunson (Universe '86, World '86)
5  CURACAO  Viennaline Natalie Cecile Arvelo (Universe '87)
Amigoe di Curacao :  1986 11 28
The First Runner-up of the Miss Curacao pageant, Viennaline Arvelo, finished as the fourth finalist in the Miss Africa World 1986 pageant on 23 November in Lagos, Nigeria. A total of twelve candidates participated. The winner was Elizabeth Robison of Puerto Rico. The other finalists were from the Gambia, Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria.

1987 12 02
Amigoe di Curacao published two advertisements promoting Joan Maynard's appearance that evening.  She is clearly identified as Miss Africa International in both.
The photograph was from when she placed third at the Miss Curacao pageant.
1987 November 22
Lagos NGR
24 entries
1  CURACAO   Joan Maynard
2  PUERTO RICO  Laurie Tamara Simpson Rivera (Universe '87, winner International '87)
4  BAHAMAS   Françcoise Monique Denise Newbold
5  NIGERIA  Omasan Tokurbo Buwa (Universe '88, World '88)
Amigoe di Curacao :  1987 11 30
Joan Marie Maynard, who finished in third place during the last Miss Curacao pageant, has become the winner of the Miss World Africa International in Kenya [NOTE: should be Nigeria]. There were participants from about 25 countries. Puerto Rico ended in second place, third was Canada, fourth the Bahamas and Nigeria finished fifth. Joan Maynard is sponsored by the Curacao company Tik Tak which financed her travel to Africa.
Amigoe di Curacao :  1987 12 03
Last night a reception was held at Naick's Place Discotheque for Joan Maynard who in Kenya [NOTE: should be Nigeria] was crowned Miss World Africa International over 23 other candidates.
Amigoe di Curacao : 1988 11 11
Joan Maynard, chosen Miss Intercontinental last year in Lagos, departed to Nigeria at the invitation of the organizers of the Miss Intercontinental Pageant. She will be there on 4 December, for the election of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. The cost of this trip is fully borne by the inviting organization.
1989 March 4
Lagos NGR
? entries
1  NIGERIA  Bianca Odinaka Onoh (RESIGNED) (Universe '89, World '89)
2  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  Brenda Marte Lajara (TOOK OVER TITLE) (World '90)
3  TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  Candice Rudd
Among the remainder
BOLIVIA  Sonia Montero (International '88)
COLOMBIA  Maribel Judith Gutiérrez Tinoco (Universe '91)
COSTA RICA  Dafne Montiel Vega
GREECE  Agapi Fountoulaki
VENEZUELA  Nancy Elena García Amor
1990 March 31
Lagos NGR
21 entries
1  JAMAICA  Sandra Foster (SF Universe '89, 3rd RU World '91)
2  VENEZUELA  Carolina Durán Canal (SF All-Nations '90)
3  MEXICO  Brenda Yamile Jiménez Loya (won Miss Photogenic award)
4  PUERTO RICO  Elba Morales Borges (3rd RU Coffee '90)
5  COLOMBIA  Juliana Serrano
INDIA (won Best National Costume award)
ITALY  Cristina Benini
MALAYSIA  Sazila Isa
NIGERIA  Sabina Ifeoma Umeh (Universe '90)
U.S.S.R.  Yevgeniya Gogitidze
Kingston Gleaner :  1990 04 02
Sandra Foster, Miss Jamaica Universe 1989, did herself and her country proud on Saturday night when she won the Miss Inter Continental Beauty Pageant, held in Lagos, Nigeria. The Miss Inter Continental pageant is one the world's major international beauty pageants and is held annually. It is the largest beauty contest in Africa and features contestants from around the world. Many of the contestants are the same ones who represented their countries in the Miss Universe contest.
Kingston Gleaner : 1990 06 22
Sandra Foster will be l eaving Jamaica to be special guest of the Barbados Hotel and Tourist Association at their banquet, and thereafter to go on tour in Europe to promote the Miss Intercontinental Pageant.
Kingston Gleaner :  1990 11 06
Miss Intercontinental, Jamaica's Sandra Foster , returned to the island last week from Lagos, Nigeria, where she participated in a series of activities to mark the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the Pageant's parent company.
While in Lagos Sandra also did promotional work for the Miss Intercontinental Beauty Pageant in which Jamaica's current representative Nicola McLaughlin (1st runner-up to Miss Jamaica Universe) will be participating in March 1991.
While in Nigeria Sandra was busily involved in Silverbird's 10th Anniversary activities, the highlight of which was a fashion show that featured a number of celebrities including Sandra, beauties from a number of countries and a parade of Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant winners since 1962.
1991 March 23
Lagos NGR
25 entries
Winner : PUERTO RICO  Carmen Linda Díaz
Among the remainder
CURACAO  Semiah Faries
JAMAICA  Nicola Ann McLaughlin (Universe '91)
MALAYSIA  Sheela Haran
POLAND  Joanna Michalska (said to have been in the Top 5)
New Straits Times :  1991 02 04
The first runner-up in the Miss Malaysia Universe, to be held Friday, will vie for the Miss Intercontinental Pageant 1991 in Lagos, Nigeria, next month.
Amigoe di Curacao :  1991 03 07
Semiah Faries, who was the first finalist of the Miss Curacao pageant, is off to Lagos, Nigeria, to participate in the Miss International Pageant [NOTE: should be Miss Africa International or Miss Inter-Continental] of 23 March. It is the fourth time that a Curacaoan is participating in this event.
From Oleg P. of Russia:
I have an old regional interview with a beauty from Chelyabinsk about her participation in Miss Friendship International '91, organized by the Miss Germany Association. The final was on May 12, 1991 in Bonn, Germany. The contestants were only from the USSR (Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Siberia) and Germany (regional beauty queens), the winner was Alyona Ivanovna from Moscow.  This is proof that it was not a Miss Intercontinental pageant.
Lagos NGR
? entries
3  NIGERIA  Sandra Petgrave (Universe '92, World '92)
NOTE  A Miss Intercontinental 1992 pageant also took place in Germany

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