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Information and photographs were compiled from pageant program books, extensive research in libraries and networking with other pageant fans and former contestants. Corrections and additions will be gratefully accepted. Cross-references have been made to the Big 3 – Universe, World and International – and Miss Europe (which began before these three international pageants).

Please do not contribute pictures that were copied from eBay, as these are the property of the successful bidders.

Due to a large volume of e-mails, Donald is unable to accommodate requests for data about pageants not covered in this site. He does not trade – nor sell – pageant videotapes.

During the era of British supermodel Twiggy (1966 to 1969), there was a contest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to select a Twiggy look-alike. The 10 finalists are shown above. Unfortunately, the result was not published in Vancouver newspapers. Donald would have voted for the third from the left.


Agustín de la Rosa (Spain)
Ana Maria Pollak (Argentina)
Anuar bin Othman (Malaysia)
Basilio Quesada Chanto (Costa Rica)
Cecilio Gentapa (Philippines)
Claudio Rodríguez (Chile)
Connie Fitzpatrick McNaughton (Canada)
Dan McEvily (USA)
Daniel Dubosselard Zimmermann (Brazil)
Daniel Gonzalez Villamediana (Venezuela)
Darren Martin-Green (Jamaica)
David Aizik (Israel)
David Tittle (United Kingdom)
Daryl Schabinger (USA)
Dawid Baraniak (Poland)
Dennys Ehlars (Venezuela)
Eeva Karjalainen (Finland)
Emppu (Finland)
Eve Tam Chuck-Yan (Hong Kong) Frederick Ip (Hong Kong)
Greg Borowski (USA)
Guillermo Mendoza Iriarte (Colombia)
Heidar Jonsson (Iceland)
Ilkka Leppanen (Finland)
Jeannie Szoradi (USA)
Jesús Rodriguez (Venezuela)
Jimmy Harris Jr. (USA)
Jimmy Steele (Canada)
Jo Ann Odum Aldrich (USA)
John McConney (Barbados)
Jorge Serna (Mexico)
Jose Alfredo Tellez Santiago (Mexico)
Jose Medel Bello (Mexico)
Juan Félix Ruiz Lima (Spain)
Julio Rodrigues (Venezuela)
Kaarina Hautaniemi (Finland)
Kevin Pedro Lemos (Portugal)
Leanne Sorby (New Zealand) Marcelo Brando (Brazil)
Marianne Hermsen (Netherlands)
Markku Erkkilä (Finland)
Meher Castelino (India)
Michael Knittel (Germany)
Milan B. (USA)
Nanny Nielen (Holland)
Natalia Elisa Gonzalez (Argentina)
Neil Craig (Bahamas)
Orlan Michael Yumang (USA)
Patrick Mount (Canada)
Peracio de Melo (Brazil)
Rantsu (Finland)
Roberto Macedo (Brazil)
Sally-Ann Fawcett (United Kingdom)
Sandra Campbell Burnham (Canada)
Trevor Adair (Northern Ireland)
Tyto Ortiz (Mexico)
William Prendiz de Jurado (USA)
Woo-jae Chung (Korea)
Zekiye Yaras Meric (Turkey)

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