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A Look at Beauty Contests - Past and Present

Webmaster:  Donald West

Information and photographs were compiled from pageant program books, extensive research in libraries and networking with other pageant fans and former contestants.
Corrections and additions will be gratefully accepted.

2018/01/15  International Queen of Coffee 2018: awards added & country lists updated
2018/01/14  International Queen of Coffee 2018: Top 5 added
2018/01/11  Miss Intercontinental 2017: Armenia & Northern Ireland removed, England & Sri Lanka added
2018/01/09  Miss Intercontinental 2017 (was to have been held during December 2017)  list of contestants added
2018/01/08  Maja International pages added (in "Past Pageants")
2018/01/05  Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2017: Ivory Coast added to Top 30 (is now complete)
2018/01/04  Miss All Nations 2017/2018 added
2018/01/02  Miss Universe 1965: correct name for Mexico (Jeanine Salome Acosta Cohen)
2018/01/01  World Miss University 2017: complete results added
2018/01/01  World Miss University 1992: name for Uganda (Pamela Anyoti)
2017/12/30  Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2017: names for Macedonia & Turkey
2017/12/28  Reina Internacional del CafĂ© 2018 list of contestants added
2017/12/28  Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2017: list of names added (except for Macedonia & Turkey)

Some of the pageants for 2018 (this list is not intended to be comprehensive)
2018/01/14   Reinado Internacional del Cafe (in Manizales COL - 23 entries)  WINNER :  SPAIN
2018/01/18   Miss All Nations 2017 (in Nanjing CHN - 26 entries)
2018/01/26   Miss Intercontinental (in Hargada EGY - 68 entries)  
2018/01/27   Miss Tourism (World) 2017/2018 (in Melaka MAS - 47 entries)
2018/02/03   Miss Tourism Queen International 2017 (in Bangkok THA - entries arrive 01/24)
2018/02/10   World Tourism Queen (in CHINA - entries arrive 01/18)
2018/02/...   Miss Tourism Universe (in MYANMAR)
2018/03/10   Mister Model International (in Miami FL)
2018/04/30   Mister International 2017/2018 (in Yangon MYANMAR)
2018/07/...   Mister Global (in Bangkok THA)
2018/07/...   World Beauty Queen (in Seoul KOR)
2018/08/...   Mister Ocean (in CHINA)
2018/09/...   Miss Tourism (in CHINA)
2018/10/25   Miss Grand International (in MYANMAR)
2018/10/...   Charity Queen of One Power International 2nd edition (in TAIWAN)

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