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A Look at Beauty Contests - Past and Present

Webmaster:  Donald West

Information and photographs were compiled from pageant program books, extensive research in libraries and networking with other pageant fans and former contestants.
Corrections and additions will be gratefully accepted.

NOTE  This website was lost during September due to circumstances beyond my control
With a new webpage provider it is necessary to start all over again
The most important is to restore information.  Photographs may be added later.
Thank you for your understanding and patience

11/30  Miss Universe 1980-1989 page added
11/28  Miss World 1980-1989 page added
11/28  Miss World 2015 now has 111 participants with the recent arrival of Miss Germany
11/27  Miss International 1990-1999 page added
11/25  Miss Universe 1990-1999 page added
11/24  Miss World 1990-1999 page added
11/21  Miss Earth 2001-2009 page added
11/21  Miss International 2000-2009 page added
11/21  Miss Supranational official gallery changes: Honduras & Mongolia removed, Kenya & Venezuela added
11/19  Miss World 2000-2009 page added
11/16  Miss Universe 2000-2009 page added
11/14  Miss Universe 2015 page added
11/09  Miss Tourism Queen International 2015 results added

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