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A Look at Beauty Contests - Past and Present

Information and photographs were compiled from pageant program books, extensive research in libraries and networking with other pageant fans and former contestants.

Corrections and additions will be gratefully accepted.

Please do not contribute pictures taken from other websites, or copied from eBay, as these are the property of the successful bidders.



Donald West


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09/14 INT'L   Miss United Continents 2014 results added
INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1968: name correction for Sweden (Christina Gullberg, not Anne-Christne Kuhnberg)
INT'L PAST   Miss Nations 1981: Sweden added as 2nd runner-up
09/13 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1958 page re-done
09/11 INT'L   Miss International 1991: name correction for Holland (should be Marjanne Kraaijeveld)
INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1954 page re-done
09/08 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1949 page re-done
09/07 INT'L   Miss Latin America of the World results added
INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1950 page re-done
09/06 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1956 page re-done
09/05 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1959 page re-done
09/04 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1961 page re-done
09/03 NAT'L   National Sweetheart 2014 results & list of contestants added
09/02 INT'L   Miss United Continents 2014: Portugal added
08/31 MALE   Mr Gay World 2014 complete results added
08/30 INT'L   Miss United Continents 2014 list of contestants added
08/29 INT'L   Miss Latin America of the World 2014 list of contestants added
08/27 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 2005 page re-done
08/26 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 2006 page re-done
08/25 MALE   Mr Gay Europe 2014 awards added
08/24 INT'L PAST   Miss Europe 1996 page re-done



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