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A Look at Beauty Contests - Past and Present

Webmaster:  Donald West

Information and photographs were compiled from pageant program books, extensive research in libraries and networking with other pageant fans and former contestants.
Corrections and additions will be gratefully accepted.

Donald is away until June 5

05/29  Miss Globe 1988: surname spelling correction for Holland (Staa, not Staci)
05/28  Miss Globe pages added
05/26  World Miss University 2016: additional awards & complete lists of Continental Queens added
05/12  "Male Pageants": Mr World added
05/07  Mister International: Top 5 photo added for each year
05/06  Mister Global 2016: results added

Some of the pageants to be held in 2016 (this list is not intended to be comprehensive)
2016/05/31  World Next Top Model (in Beirut LEB - 34 entries)
2016/06/05  Miss USA (in Tulsa OK - 52 entries)
2016/06/25  Miss Progress International (in Paraguay - 30 entries arrive 06/15)
2016/07/22  Mister United Continents (in Pasig City PHI - 30 entries arrive 07/11)
2016/07/15  Miss Globe International (in Istanbul TUR - 89 entries)
2016/07/19  Mr World (in Southport ENG - entries arrive 07/09)
2016/07/30  Miss Teenager (in Paseo Cayala/Guatemala City GUA - 40 entries)
2016/08/27  Miss Nations of the World (in Chongqing CHN - 70 entries arrive 08/13)
2016/10/...   Queen of Brilliancy International (in CHN)
2016/10/...   Miss World Peace (in CHN)
2016/10/...   Mister Global Teen (in Bangkok THA)
2016/10/05   Mrs World 2016 (in Grand Ballroom in Grand Hyatt Incheon KOR - entries arrive 09/23)
2016/10/09   Face of Beauty International (in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia - entries arrive 09/23)
2016/10/25   Miss Grand International (in Las Vegas USA)
2016/10/27   Miss International (in Tokyo JPN)
2016/10/...    Miss World (in USA)
2016/11/26   Miss Bikini Universe (in CHN - entries arrive 09/10) POSTPONED from 09/25

Miss Nations of the World to April 15-30 2017 (from August 27 2016)

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