The 5 finalists - Israel, Scotland, Australia, Wales & Venezuela - await the judges' decisions

Australia (5th), Venezuela (2nd), Israel (winner), Wales (3rd) & Scotland (4th)


After her reign as Miss Universe, Rina MEssinger stayed in New York where she worked in Public Relations for the Jewish Agency and the Bonds. After four years she returned to Israel and continued working in Public Relations for a big business company.  There she met her soon-to-be husband, a very successful businessman.  They had 2 daughters (Sharona, today 20 & Daniela, 18) and they have lived happily ever after. Her married name is Rina Goder.

In 1991, she decided to fulfill her dream and started studying law in the Tel-Aviv University. After completing her bachelors degree with honours, she and her family left for the Netherlands, where her husband had his business, and Rina completed her Masters degree,  specializing in family law.

In 2002 after six years in the Netherlands, the family returned home to Israel,  Rina is a family lawyer in one of biggest law firms in Tel-Aviv, working on her doctorate and appearing every week in the morning show of Channel 10, where she gives advice in family law.  She still looks very beautiful and enjoys her family - her 2 daughters are gorgeous - and she fondly remembers her reign as Miss Universe.  In 1981, she wrote a book on her experience as Miss Universe, in which she also wrote about the less glamorous side of being the most beautiful girl in the world.  Overall, she does not regret having been Miss Universe 1976.