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2015 pageants

NOTE  To reduce my workload, only pageants with a minimum of approximately 20 contestants will be listed.  Fraudulent pageants, minor regional pageants and those run by disreputable individuals will NOT be listed.

Mister Universal Ambassador for September is already listed, but I will no longer list 1st-time pageants until after their completion, to determine if they are worthy of inclusion.

2015/01/11       Reina Internacional del Café / International Queen of Coffee (in Manizales COL - 23 entries)  WINNER: 
Japan  Yuri Uchida
2015/01/25       2014 Miss Universe (in Doral, Miami, Florida - 88 entries)  WINNER: 
  Paulina Vega Dieppa
2015/01/25       Miss Chinese International (in HKG - 18 entries) 
WINNER:  Sydney (AUS)
  Mandy Chai
2015/01/31       2014 Supermodel International (in Seoul KOR  - 28 entries)  WINNER: 
Puerto Rico  Stephanie Cruz
2015/02/07       Teen Universe (in Guatemala City GUA - 23 entries)  WINNER: 
Ecuador  Dayanara Peralta Loor
2015/03/01       Miss Europe World (in Beirut LEB - 32 entries)  WINNER:  Latvia 
Linda Satilova
2015/03/19       Queen Beauty Universe (in Malaga ESP - 21 entries)  WINNER:  Ukraine 
Karyna Sokrut

2015/05/03       2015 Supermodel International (in Clark City PHI - 35 entries)  WINNER: 
Colombia  Alexandra Arboleda
2015/05/16       Miss Progress International (in Puglia ITA - 18 entries)  WINNER: 
Paraguay  Liz Arevalos
2015/05/21       Miss 7 Continents (in Bodrum TUR - 22 entries)  WINNER:  Belarus 
Aleksandra Sokol
2015/06/08       World Next Top Model (in LEB - 41 entries)  WINNER:  Venezuela 
Milunay Hull
2015/06/14       Miss Fashion TV (in Kyrenia, N. Cyprus - 37 entries from 25 countries)  WINNER: Israel 
Danielle Ifrah
2015/07/03       Miss Kemer International (in Antalya TUR - 25 entries)  WINNER:  Siberia 
Elizaveta Konstantinova
2015/07/18       Miss Deaf World
(in Prague CZE - 25 entries)  WINNER: Ukraine  Natalija Bilanova
                          Miss Deaf Europe  Great Britain  Karina Astrid Jemmott
                          Miss Deaf Asia  
Taiwan  Ching Lan Lin

2015/08/01       Miss Teenager 2015 (in Panama City PAN - 25 entries)  WINNER:
Canada  Dominique Doucette
2015/08/15       Miss Exclusive of the World (in Aliaga TUR - 39 entries)  WINNER: Denmark 
Julia Prokopenko
2015/08/29       Mrs Universe (in Minsk BLR - 55 entries)  WINNER:  Canada  
Ashley Callingbull Burnham
2015/09/04       Top Model of the World (in El Gouna, EGY - 49 entries) 

2015/09/05       Miss India Worldwide (in Mumbai IND - 35+ entries)
2015/09/12       Miss United Continents (in Guayaquil ECU - 31 entries arrive 08/29)
2015/09/12       Miss America Latina del Mundo (in Barcelo Maya Beach Resort MEX - entries arrive 08/30)

2015/09/25       Miss Global International (in Couva, Trinidad - entries arrive 09/19)
2015/10/04       Miss Globe (in Toronto CAN - entries arrive 09/13)
2015/10/19       Face of Beauty International (in Kaohsiung ROC)
2015/10/24       Miss Culture and Peace International (in Tijuana MEX - 15+ entries arrive 10/17)
2015/10/25       Miss Grand International (in Bangkok THA - 94 entries)
2015/11/02       Miss Tourism International (in Ha Long Bay VIE - entries arrive 10/15)

2015/11/05       Miss International (in JPN)
2015/11/10       Miss Bikini Universe (in Beijing CHN - 50-60 entries arrive 10/18)  [final was postponed twice, from 09/20 and 10/16]
2015/12/04       Miss Supranational (in Krynicka-Zdroj POL - 80 entries arrive 11/19) 
2015/12/05       Miss Earth (in Vienna AUT - 100 entries)
2015/12/19       Miss World (in Sanya CHN - 140 entries to arrive 11/21)

NOTE  The date of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant is unknown

2015/02/14       2014 Mister International (in Seoul KOR - 29 entries)  WINNER:  Philippines  Neil Perez
2015/03/07       Mister Global (in Nakhon Ratchasima THA - 21 entries)  WINNER: 
  Nguyen Van Son
2015/05/03       Mister Gay World (in Cape Town RSA - 23 entries)  WINNER: 
Germany  Klaus Burkart
2015/05/29       Mister United Continents (in Pasig City PHI- 17 entries)  WINNER: 
  Kamel Raad
2015/06/21       Men Universe Model (in DOM - 35 entries)  WINNER: 
Rogier Warnawa
2015/07/18       Mister Deaf World
(in Prague CZE - 25 entries)  WINNER: Colombia 
Camilo Viloria Arrieta
                          Mister Deaf Europe 
Czech Republic  Tomas Broz
                          Mister Deaf Asia  
Thailand  Sophon Sae-li

2015/09/15       Mister Universal Ambassador (in Bali INO - 40 entries arrive 09/06)
2015/10/.....      Mister Tourism International (in Panama City PAN) [postponed from 08/30]
2015/11/30       2015 Mister International (in Manila PHI - entries arrive 11/17-18)

2014 pageants

2014/01/11       Reina Internacional del Café / International Queen of Coffee (in Manizales COL - 23 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  Pricilla Medeiros Durand
2014/01/25       World Miss University (in Seoul KOR - 41 entries)  WINNER: 
Mexico  Karina Stephania Martín Jiménez
2014/01/26       Miss Chinese International (in HKG - 16 entries)  WINNER: 
Hong Kong  Grace Chan Hoi-Lam
2014/02/09       Miss Atlantico Internacional (in Punta del Este URU - 13 entries)  WINNER: 
Spain  Mireia Lalaguna Royo
2014/02/15       Teen Universe (in Managua NCA - 22 entries)  WINNER: 
U.S.A.  Viviane Diaz Arroyo
2014/03/27       Mister Global (in Khao Yai THA - 16 entries)  WINNER: 
Myanmar  Myat Thuya Lwin

2014/04/11       Top Model of the World (in El Gouna, Red Sea EGY - 41 entries)  WINNER:  Colombia  Tania Valencia Cuero
2014/04/19       Miss Piel Dorada Internacional (in Tapachula MEX - 11 entries)  WINNER:  Argentina 
Estefanía Daniela Castañeda
2014/04/26       Miss Culture and Peace International (in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - 11 entries)  WINNER:  Argentina  Antonella Garrione

2014/04/27       PJD2 Caribbean Queen (in Philipsburg, St. Maarten - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Guyana 
Alicia Nichola Bess
2014/05/11       Miss 7 Continents (in Bodrum TUR - 20 entries)  WINNER: 
Portugal  Catarina Sousa Tomada Sikiniotis
Reina Mundial De La Piña / World Queen of Pineapple (in Lebrija COL - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Argentina  Agustina Dupont

2014/05/17       Miss Progress International (in Santa Maria di Leuca ITA - 19 entries)  WINNER:  Bolivia  Arantza Barba
2014/05/31       Miss Asia Pacific World (in Seoul KOR - 38 entries)  WINNER: 
Myanmar  May Myat Noe
2014/05/31       Mister Tourism International (in Panama City PAN - 19 entries)  WINNER: 
Brazil  Andrio Frazon
2014/06/10       Men Universe Model (in Punta Cana DOM - 27 entries)  WINNER: 
Brazil  Bruno Mooneyhan
2014/06/14       Mister Gay Europe (in Bregenz AUT - 14 entries)  WINNER:  Sweden 
Jack Johansson
2014/06/15       Mister World (in Torbay GBR - 46 entries)  WINNER: 
Denmark  Nicklas Pedersen

2014/06/20       Miss India Worldwide (in Abu Dhabi - 40 entries)  WINNER:  U.S.A.  Monica Gill
Reina Internacional de la Ganadería (International Queen of Cattle Raising) (in Monteira COL - 10 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  Taynara Gargantini Santana
2014/06/28       Miss Planet (in St. Vlas BUL - 20 entries from 14 countries)  WINNER:  Russia  Anna Sorokina
2014/07/04       Miss Kemer International (in Kemer TUR - 22 entries)  WINNER:  Russia 
Ella Shalamova
2014/07/04       Miss European Tourism (in Busteni ROM - 35 entries)  WINNER:  Latvia  
Kristina Rancane
2014/07/04       Miss Carival (in Kingstown VCT [St. Vincent & the Grenadines] - 10 entries)  WINNER:  Dominica  Francine Tiffany Baron

2014/07/10       Miss Tourism Planet (in Athens GRE - 17 entries)  WINNER: 
Venezuela  Mercedes Pieruzzini Herrera
2014/07/19       Miss Deaf World & Miss Deaf Europe (in Prague CZE - 31 entries)  WINNER:  Slovakia  Lydia Svobodova  MISS DEAF EUROPE:  Serbia  Olivera Lozic
2014/07/19       Mister Deaf World & Mister Deaf Europe (in Prague CZE - 21 entries)  WINNER:  France  Jean-Marie Bourdon  MISTER DEAF EUROPE:  Austria  David Spiess
2014/07/23       Miss All Nations (in Nanjing CHN - 38 entries)  WINNER: 
Bolivia  Nayeli Quiroga Via
2014/07/26       Miss Teen Américas (in San Salvador ESA - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Aruba  Chysah Verstappen
2014/08/01       Jaycees Caribbean Queen (in Antigua - 13 entries)  WINNER:  Saint Kitts & Nevis  Kaeve Armstrong

2014/08/02       Miss Deaf International (in London ENG - 20 entries)  WINNER:  Korea 
Kim Ye-jin
2014/08/02       Mister Deaf International (in London ENG - 15 entries)  WINNER:  U.S.A.  Aaron Loggins
2014/08/04       Miss Caribbean Culture Queen (in St. Kitts & Nevis - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Saint Kitts  Yarayni Morton
2014/08/07       Miss Costa Maya International (in San Pedro, Belize - 8 entries)  WINNER:  Mexico 
Elisa Espinoza Gómez
2014/08/09       Miss Teenager '14 (in Guatemala City GUA - 18 entries)  WINNER: 
Puerto Rico  Liana Morales Sizemore
2014/08/09       Miss Emigrants (in Dhour El-Choueir LIB - 13 entries)  WINNER:  Morocco 
Linda Cahill

2014/08/20       Rose of Tralee (in Kerry, Ireland - 32 entries)  WINNER:  Philadelphia USA 
Rose Maria Walsh
2014/08/22       World Top Next Model (in Beirut LIB - 36 entries)  WINNER:  Ukraine 
Olga Klymenko
2014/08/23       Miss Panamerican International (in Commerce, Los Angeles USA - 16 entries)  WINNER: 
Costa Rica  María Amalia Matamoros Solis
2014/08/24       Miss Lebanon Emigrant (in Beirut LIB - 12 entries)  WINNER:  United Arab Emirates  Lia Saad

2014/08/24       Miss Humanity International (in BRB [Barbados] - 9 entries)  WINNER: 
South Africa  Katryn Barwise

2014/08/28       World Bikini Model International (in Qingdao CHN - 48 entries from 46 countries)  WINNER:  Slovak Republic 
Martina Stetiarova
2014/08/29       Mrs Universe (in Kuala Lumpur MAS - 38 entries)  WINNER: 
U.S.A.  Sabrina Pinion
2014/08/30       Mister Gay World (in Rome ITA - 23 entries)  WINNER:  United Kingdom  Stuart Hatton Jr.
2014/08/30       Miss Freedom of the World (in Prizren, Kosovo - 21 entries)  WINNER:  Hungary
  Maria Simon
2014/09/06       Miss America Latina del Mundo (in Punta Cana DOM - 23 entries)  WINNER: 
Panama  Nicole Pinto
2014/09/13       Miss Exclusive of the World (in Cesme TUR - 32 entries)  WINNER:  Tahiti
  Halaiba Naninck

2014/09/13       Miss United Continents (in Guayaquil ECU - 31 entries)  WINNER: 
Dominican Republic  Geisha Nathali Montes de Oca Robles
2014/09/14       Miss Globe International (in Baku AZE - 53 entries)  WINNER: 
Australia  Esma Voloder
2014/09/14       Miss Fashion TV (in Northern Cyprus - 29 entries from 14 countries)  WINNER:  Lithuania 
Karolina Toleikyte
2014/09/20       Miss Latinoamerica Internacional (in Panama City PAN - 20 entries)  WINNER:  Punta del Este, Uruguay 
Eliana Sabrina Olivera Gonnet
2014/09/27       Reina Mundial del Banano (in Machala ECU - 18 entries)  WINNER: 
U.S.A.  Susan Romanishin
2014/09/30       Princess of the Globe (in Mugla TUR - 21 entries)  WINNER:  Ukraine  Natalia Varchenko

2014/10/07       Miss Grand International (in Bangkok THA - 85 entries)  WINNER:  Cuba 
Lees Daryanne García Rivera
2014/10/10       Miss Princess of the World (in Ostrava CZE - 40 entries)  WINNER:  Zambia
  Andella Chileshe Matthews
2014/10/25       Miss Teen Earth (in Panama City PAN - 11 entries)  WINNER:  Venezuela  
Stella Vélez Iandoli
2014/10/31       Reinado Internacional del
Trópico / International Tropical Queen (in San Pedro Sula HON - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Puerto Rico  Beverly Maikel Rodríguez de León
2014/11/01       Reina Hispanoamericana (in Santa Cruz de la Sierra BOL - 24 entries)  WINNER: 
Bolivia  Romina Rocamonje Fuentes
2014/11/07       Miss International Queen (transgender, in Pattaya THA - 22 entries)  WINNER:  Venezuela 
Isabella Santiago

2014/11/08       Miss Globe (in Shkoder ALB - 40 entries)  WINNER: 
Canada  Jacqueline Wojciechowski
2014/11/08       Miss Turismo Latino (in Ambato ECU - 11 entries)  WINNER:  U.S.A. Panamericana 
Leticia Estrada
2014/11/09       Bride of the World (in Beijing CHN - 39 entries)  WINNER:  China
  Chang Liu
2014/11/11       Miss International (in Tokyo JPN - 73 entries)  WINNER:  Puerto Rico
  Valerie Hernández Matias
2014/11/15       Face of Beauty International (in Taichung TPE - 38 entries)  WINNER: 
Argentina  Gimena Ghilarducci
2014/11/15       Miss Teen International (in CRC - 11 entries)  WINNER:  Paraguay 
Ailin Mary Paz Adorno Bottino

2014/11/19       Mrs World (in Solomons Islands, Calvert County, Maryland - 35 entries)  WINNER: 
Belarus  Marina Alekseychik
2014/11/21       World Muslimah (in Yogyakarta INO - 25 entries)  WINNER:  Tunisia 
Fatma Ben Guefrache
2014/11/21       Miss Tourism Universe (in Beirut LEB - 28 entries)  WINNER:  Venezuela 
Ninoska Vasquez
2014/11/28       Miss Scuba International (in Kota Kinabalu MAS - 14 entries)  WINNER:  U.S.A.  Tabitha Eleanor Lipkin
2014/11/29       Miss Earth (in Manila PHI - 85 entries)  WINNER: 
Philippines  Jamie del Rosario Herrell
2014/11/29       Miss Model of the World (in Shenzhen CHN - 72 entries)  WINNER: 
U.S.A.  Shelynne Paige Hoyt

2014/12/02       Elite Model Look (in Shenzhen CHN - 43 female entries)  WINNER: 
Czech Republic  Barbora Podzimkova
2014/12/02       Elite Model Look (in Shenzhen CHN - 21 male entries)  WINNER: 
Italy  James Parker
2014/12/04       Miss Intercontinental (in Magdeburg GER - 68 entries)  WINNER: 
Thailand  Patraporn Wang
2014/12/05       Miss Supranational (in Krynica-Zdrój POL - 71 entries)  WINNER: 
India  Asha Bhat
2014/12/06       Mrs Globe (in Shenzhen CHN - 50 entries)  WINNER:  South Africa 
Riana Mooi
2014/10/06       Best Model of the World (in Istanbul TUR - 33 females)  WINNER: 
Angola  Ema Diogo

2014/10/06       Best Model of the World (in Istanbul TUR - 29 males)  WINNER:  Turkey
  Caner Tanriverdi
2014/12/06       Miss Caraibes Hibiscus (in St. Maarten - 9 entries)  WINNER:  Colombia
  María Alejandra López Pérez
2014/12/06       Miss Global International (in Montego Bay JAM - 16 entries)  WINNER:  Martinique 
Anne Sophie Ribesios
2014/12/07       Mister Model International (in Punta Cana DOM - 16 entries)  WINNER:  Fernando de Noronha  
Victor Zanatta
2014/12/07       The Look of the Year (in Rome ITA - ? entries)  WINNER:  Serbia 
Maja Danicic
2014/12/10       Miss Tourism (in Barquisimeto VEN - 28 entries)  WINNER:  Japan 
Tomomi Kondou

2014/12/14       Miss World (in London GBR - 121 entries)  WINNER:  South Africa  Rolene Strauss
2014/12/20       Miss South Pacific (in Apia SAM - 8 entries)  WINNER:  Samoa 
Latafale Auva'a
2014/12/20       Miss Heritage (in Johannesburg RSA - 20 entries)  WINNER:  Philippines
 Odessa Mae Tadaya
2014/12/30       Miss ASEAN (in Chang Rai THA - 18 entries, 2 each from 9 countries)  WINNER:  Thailand
  Melada Nantanurak 
2014/12/31       Miss Tourism International (in MAS - 60 entries)  WINNER:  Venezuela
 Faddya Ysabel Halabi Troisi


2013 pageants

2013/01/12       Reina Internacional del Café (in Manizales, Colombia - 23 entries)  WINNER:  Venezuela  Ivanna Mariam Vale Colman
2013/01/27       Queen of the Universe (in Beverly Hills CA, U.S.A. - 56 entries)  WINNER:  Spain 
Ivette Saucedo
2013/01/31       International Carnival Queen (in Curacao - 20 entries)  WINNER:  Cuba
  Yaneisys Prado Torres
2013/02/02       Miss
Atlántico Internacional (in Punta del Este, Uruguay - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Uruguay  Lorena Romaso Viera
2013/02/24       Miss Chinese International (in Hong Kong - 16 entries)  WINNER:  Vancouver (Canada) 
Gloria Tang
2013/03/23       Miss West Africa International (in Cape Verde - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Germany (born in Gambia) 
Maria Sawaneh

2013/03/23       Miss International Tourism (in Bansko, Bulgaria - 13 entries)  WINNER:  Tatarstan 
Margarita Pavlushina
2013/03/30       Top Model of the World (in El Gouna, Egypt [on the Red Sea] - 47 entries)  WINNER:  Caribbean (from Colombia) 
Mónica Esperanza Palacios Mora
2013/03/30       Miss Piel Dorada Internacional (in Tapachula, Mexico - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Russia  
Yelena Lobanova
2013/04/28       Miss India Worldwide (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 39 entries)  WINNER:  United Kingdom 
Nehal Bhogaita
2013/05/04       Miss Caribbean World (in Road Town, British Virgin Islands - 11 entries)  WINNER:  British Virgin Islands 
Sharie deCastro
2013/05/12       Mister Tourism International (in Panama City - 14 entries)  WINNER:  Costa Rica  José Daniel Ramírez

2013/05/15       Miss 7 Continents (in Bodrum, Turkey - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Latvia 
Veronika Daskevica
2013/05/18       Mister Europe (in San Remo, Italy - 15 entries)  WINNER:  Italy  Marco Boscolo
2013/05/18       Miss Tourism Queen Asia (in Xitang, China - 37 entries)  WINNER:  Zhejiang (China) 
Bai Xueying
2013/05/18       Teen Universe (in Granada, Nicaragua - 23 entries)  WINNER:  Nicaragua 
Lucía Aleiandra Osorno Miranda
2013/05/31       Men Universe Model (in Santo Domingo - 29 entries)  WINNER: 
Riviera Maya  Rafael Armando Chávez Velázquez
2013/06/08       Mrs Top of the World (in Riga, Latvia - 18 entries)  WINNER:  Ukraine 
Alyona Shuba

2013/06/21       World Beauty Congress "International Model & Beauty Festival" (in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Sweden  Sarah Alexandra Linnea Friberg
Reina Internacional de la Ganadería (International Queen of Cattle Raising) (in Monteira, Colombia - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  Gabrielle Vilela de Souza
2013/06/24       Miss Freedom of the World (in Prizren, Kosovo - 23 entries)  WINNER:  Bosnia & Herzegovina  Semina Obradovic
2013/06/28       Miss Carival (in Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines - 10 entries)  WINNER:  Dominica  
Leslassa Adey Armour-Shillingford
2013/06/28       Miss T.E.E.N. Pageant (in Houston TX - 15 entries)  WINNER:  Puerto Rico 
Astrid Arroyo Díaz
2013/06/30       World Next Top Model (in Beirut, Lebanon - 36 entries)  WINNER:  Argentina
  Micaela Lopez Bianchi

2013/06/39       Miss Fashion TV (in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus - 29 entries from 19 countries)  WINNER: 
Bosnia & Herzegovina  Aleksandra Klacar
2013/07/05       Miss Kremer International (in Kremer, Turkey - 22 entries)  WINNER:  Belarus  
Diana Garkusha
2013/07/05       Miss Tourism Planet (in Athens, Greece - 18 entries)  WINNER: 
Greece  Mikaela Eleni Fotiadi  
2013/07/13       Miss Deaf World & Europe (in Prague, Czech Republic - 41 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  Thaisy Payo  MISS DEAF EUROPE  Hungary  Kinal Melinda Timea
2013/07/13       Mister Deaf World & Europe (in Prague, Czech Republic - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Mexico 
Christian Paul López Bernal  MISTER DEAF EUROPE  Czech Republic  Bohus Vlacuha 
2013/07/14       Miss Humanity International (in Barbados - 11 entries)  WINNER:  Portugal  
Nuria Aida Jacinto Cardoso

2013/07/24       Miss Southeast Asian (in Bangkok, Thailand - 12 entries from 6 countries)  WINNER:  Bangkok (Thailand)  
Butsaban Rueangphairot
2013/07/27       Miss Teen Americas (in San Salvador, El Salvador - 14 entries)  WINNER:  Panama 
Fulvia Alicia Villarreal Cáceres
2013/07/27       Miss Teenager '13 (in Panama City, Panama - 27 entries)  WINNER:  Australia  Jasmine Stringer
2013/07/30       Miss Deaf International (in Sofia, Bulgaria - 21 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  Lais Gonςalves
2013/07/30       Mister Deaf International (in Sofia, Bulgaria - 23 entries)  WINNER:  Germany
Rafael Grombelka
2013/07/30       Mister Gay Europe (in Prague, Czech Republic - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Ireland  
Robbie Obara

2013/08/01       Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional (in San Pedro, Belize - 8 entries)  WINNER:  Belize 
Destinee Dominique Arnold
2013/08/02       Jaycees Caribbean Queen (in St. John's, Antigua & Barbuda - 11 entries)  WINNER:  Dominica  
Leslassa Adey Armour-Shillingford
2013/08/04       Mister Gay World (in Antwerp, Belgium - 25 entries)  WINNER: 
New Zealand  Christopher Michael Olwage
2013/08/05       Miss Caribbean Culture Queen (in Charlestown, St. Kitts & Nevis - 12 entries)  WINNER:  Dominica  
Leslassa Adey Armour-Shillingford 
2013/08/11       Mrs Universe (in Oranjestad, Aruba - 30 entries)  WINNER:  Malaysia 
Carol Lee
2013/08/19       Rose of Tralee (in Tralee, Ireland - 32 entries)  WINNER:  Texas  Haley O'Sullivan

2013/08/31       The Look of the Year (in Taormina, Italy - 56 entries)  WINNER:  Croatia  Kim Kosanovic
2013/08/31       Miss America Latina del Mundo (in Riviera Maya, Mexico - 25 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  
Júlia Guerra
2013/08/31       Miss Exclusive of the World (in Cesme, Turkey - 34 entries)  WINNER:  Turkey 
Gizem Kocak
2013/09/06       Miss Supranational (in Minsk, Belarus - 83 entries)  WINNER: 
Philippines  Mutya Johanna Fontiveros Datul
2013/09/07       Miss Motors International (in Venice, Italy - 36 entries)  WINNER:  Russia  
Anna Danilova
2013/09/14       Miss Continentes Unidos [Miss United Continents] (in Guayaquil, Ecuador - 27 entries)  WINNER:
 Ecuador  Carolina Andrea Aguirre Pérez

2013/09/14       Miss Panamerican International (in Los Angeles, USA - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Ecuador  
María José Maza Solórzano
2013/09/18       World Muslimah (in Jakarta, Indonesia - 20 entries)  WINNER:  Nigeria  
Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola
2013/09/21       Reina Mundial del Banano (in Machala, Ecuador - 18 entries)  WINNER: 
Germany  Manou Vivien Volkmer
2013/09/21       Miss Latinoamerica Internacional (in Panama City, Panama - 17 entries)  WINNER:  Region Andina Venezuela
  Angela Ramirez
2013/09/28       Miss World (in Jakarta, Indonesia - 127 entries)  WINNER:  Philippines  Megan Lynne Young
2013/09/28       Miss Global International (in Montego Bay, Jamaica - 32 entries)  WINNER:  Singapore 
Jody Liu

2013/10/03       Miss Tourism Queen International (in Xianning, China - 43 entries)  WINNER: 
Latvia  Alise Miskovska
2013/10/06       Miss Bikini Universe (in Taining, China - 51 entries)  WINNER:  Slovakia 
Miriam Mattová
2013/10/12       Miss Tourism [ex-Miss Tourism World] (in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea - 57 entries)  WINNER: 
Venezuela  Berónika Martínez
2013/10/27       Mrs. Globe (in Shenzhen, China - 37 entries)  WINNER:  Asia 
Trista Gao Yi Qian
2013/10/30       Miss Asia Pacific World (in Seoul, Korea - 43 entries)  WINNER:  India 
Shristi Rana
2013/11/01       Miss International Queen (in Pattaya, Thailand - 25 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  
Marcelo Ohio

2013/11/01       Mister Model International (in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - 10 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil 
Willian Rech
2013/11/02       Supermodel International (in Bangkok, Thailand - 25 entries) WINNER:  Bosnia
  Mirnesa Subasic
2013/11/02       Miss Globe (in Durres, Albania - 36 entries)  WINNER:  Romania 
Bianca Maria Paduraru
2013/11/09       Miss Universe (in Moscow, Russia - 86 entries)  WINNER: 
Venezuela  María Gabriela de Jesús Isler Morales
2013/11/13       Face of Beauty International (in Pattaya, Thailand - 37 entries)  WINNER: 
Tonga  Diamond Langi
2013/11/19       Miss Grand International (in Bangkok, Thailand - 71 entries)  WINNER:  Puerto Rico  Janelee Marcus Chaparro Colón

2013/11/21       Miss Model of the World (in Shenzhen, China - 51 entries)  WINNER:  Tatarstan 
Margarita Pavlushina
2013/11/21       Mister International (in Jakarta, Indonesia - 38 entries)  WINNER: 
Venezuela  José Anmer Paredes Jaimes
2013/11/23       Mrs. World (in Guangzhou, China - 39 entries)  WINNER:  U.S.A.  
Kaley Sparling
2013/11/23       International Yachting Model (in Sanya, China - 49 entries)  WINNER: 
Kyrgyzstan  Marina Kliug
2013/11/27       Elite Model Look (in Shenzhen, China - 55 entries)  WINNER: 
Czech Republic  Eva Klimkova
2013/11/29       Miss Eurovision International (in Istanbul, Turkey - 25 entries)  WINNER:  Poland  Paula Zajkowska

2013/12/01       Miss Teen International (in San Jose, Costa Rica - 9 entries)  WINNER:  Brazil  
Isabella Novaes Menin
2013/12/05       Best Model of the World (in Sofia, Bulgaria - 28 females)  WINNER:  Nigeria  Onyinye Emeasoba
2013/12/05       Best Model of the World (in Sofia, Bulgaria - 28 males)  WINNER:  Turkey
  Burak Celik
2013/12/07       Miss South Pacific (in Honiara, Solomon Islands - 10 entries)  WINNER: 
Cook Islands  Teuira Raechel Napa (Earth ’12)
2013/12/07       Miss Earth (in Pasay City, Philippines - 88 entries)  WINNER: 
Venezuela  Alyz Sabimar Henrich Ocando
2013/12/07       Miss Top of the World (in Riga, Latvia - 15 entries)  WINNER:  Uganda UK 
Sarona Kazinga

2013/12/07       Miss Caraibes Hibiscus (in St. Maarten - 18 entries)  WINNER:  Guadeloupe
  Brigitte Ramassamy Golabkan
2013/12/12       Reina Hispanoamericana (in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia - 23 entries)  WINNER: 
Colombia  María Alejandra Lopez Perez
2013/12/13       Miss Heritage World (in Harare, Zimbabwe - 14 entries)  WINNER: 
Bahamas  Shequera Grace King
2013/12/14       Miss CEDEAO (in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire - 12 entries)  WINNER: 
Cape Verde  Cristy Lopes Spencer
2013/12/14       Miss Intercontinental (in Magdeburg, Germany - 59 entries)  WINNER:
Russia  Yekaterina Plekhova
2013/12/17       Miss International (in Tokyo, Japan - 67 entries)  WINNER: 
Philippines  Bea Rose Monterde Santiago

2013/12/19       Exquisite Face of the Universe (in Lagos, Nigeria - 32 entries)  WINNER:  Dominican Republic  
Susan Castano
2013/12/20       Miss Scuba International (in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - 14 entries)  WINNER: 
U.K.  Jamie Lee Faulkner
2013/12/31       Miss Tourism International (in Malaysia - 60 entries)  WINNER:  Philippines
  Angeli Dione Gomez