Miss Israel 1950 - 1969

Israel’s Beauty Queen (IBQ)
Israel’s Maiden of Beauty (IMB)
Israel’s Queen of Grace (IQG)


30/07/1950 23/09/1951

Top3  Schpitzer, Yaron & Fargi

IBQ Miriam Yaron

IBQ Har'el (left) received flowers from the host.  In the centre is Miss Tel-Aviv, Yaffa Schpitzer, who was also 2nd RU in 1950

IBQ Michal Har'el wearing the sashes of Miss Israel & Miss Jerusalem
IBQ – Miriam Yaron (Jaross) – Miss United Nations 2nd runner-up
1st Runner-up – Carmela Fargi
2nd Runner-up – Yaffa Schpitzer

IBQ – Michal Har’el (Harrison)

Miss Jerusalem – Michal Har’el
Runner-up – Chava Erlanger

Miss Tel-Aviv – Yaffa Schpitzer
Runner-up – Na’ama Nardi

Miss Haifa – Mazal Olshinsky
Runner-up – Ziva Blechmann


25/05/1952 22/07/1953

IBQ Ora Vered

IBQ Chavatzelet Dror

1st RU Miriam Gershoni
(also Miss Haifa's RU in 1952)
IBQ – Ora Vered (Gamily) – went to Miss Universe

Miss Tel-Aviv – Ora Vered
Runner-up – Carola Hershkovitz

Miss Jerusalem – Bruria Ya’akobi
Runner-up – Lea Epshtein

Miss Haifa – Malka Azrieli
Runner-up – Miriam Gershoni
IBQ – Chavatzelet Dror (Drilman) – went to Miss World
1st Runner-up – Miriam Gershoni
2nd Runner-up – Viorika Artzman

Miss Jerusalem – Rachel Yashir
Miss Tel-Aviv – Dalia Fainshtain
Miss Haifa – Ilana Borish


17/06/1954 25/06/1955

IBQ Aviva Pe'er

IBQ Ilana Carmel


IBQ – Aviva Pe’er (Perlmann) – went to Miss Universe
1st Runner-up – Malka Rozenblat - unable to go to Miss World after she was found to be married
2nd Runner-up – Rachel Shaulzon

Miss Tel-Aviv – Ora Ben-Chaim
Miss Haifa – Monika Lunska
Miss Jerusalem – Pu’ah Shalev Toren
IBQ – Ilana Carmel (Lily Perzhensky) – went to Miss Universe
1st Runner-up – Miriam Kotler – went to Miss World
2nd Runner-up – Varda Cohen

Miss Haifa – Rut Eilat
Miss Jerusalem – Rut Yaffe
Miss Tel-Aviv – Ester Redler


14/06/1956 06/06/1957

IBQ Sara Tal

1st RU Rina Weiss is escorted by the host

IBQ Atara Barzilay

1st RU Sara Elimor
IBQ – Sara Tal (Binshtok) – Miss Universe semi-finalist
1st Runner-up – Rina Weiss –
Miss World 2nd runner-up
2nd Runner-up – Tzipora A’haronovitz

Miss Tel-Aviv – Rina Weiss
Miss Haifa – Lea Gat
Miss Jerusalem – Rina Sharon
IBQ – Atara (Korina) Barzilay – went to Miss Universe
1st Runner-up – Sara Elimor (Zozi Indik) –
Miss World finalist
2nd Runner-up – Yaffa Raich

Miss Tel-Aviv – Talia Geinmann
1st Runner-up – Shoshana Zhilinsky
2nd Runner-up – Miriam Goti

Miss Jerusalem – Tova Barak
Runner-up – Yardena Peleg


22/05/1958 16/06/1959

IBQ Miriam Hadar

1st RU Ziva Shomrat
IBQ Rina Izakov

Miss Jerusalem Atara Mor

She represented Israel in an international contest in Turkey, called either Miss Nations or Queen of Nations.  There is no other information on this contest except that Atara Mor won the award for the Most Popular Girl.
IBQ – Miriam Hadar – Miss Universe semi-finalist
1st Runner-up – Ilana Shani
2nd Runner-up – Dafna Adir

Miss Decade – Rachel Shafrir – went to Miss World
1st Runner-up – Dalia Israeli
2nd Runner-up – Aviva Gluska

Miss Haifa – Jura Golan
Runner-up – Ilana Alon

Miss Tel-Aviv – Rachel Shafrir
Runner-up – Chana Oren

Miss Jerusalem – Miriam Hadar
Runner-up – Chana Maroz
IBQ – Rina Yitzchakov (Izakov) – Miss Universe semi-finalist
1st Runner-up – Ziva Shomrat – Miss World 2nd runner-up
2nd Runner-up – Diana Gubernik

Miss Tel-Aviv – Rina Yitzchakov
Miss Haifa – Ziva Shomrat
Miss Jerusalem – Atara Mor



29/05/1960 (17 contestants) 30/05/1961 (16 contestants)

Two pictures of IBQ Aliza Gur

IBQ Dalia Lion
IBQ – Aliza Gur (Gross) – Miss Universe semi-finalist
1st Runner-up – Gila Golan (Miriam Goldenberg) – Miss World 1st runner-up
2nd Runner-up – Lily Man (Dajani) – Miss International semi-finalist

IMB – Shulamit Shavit
1st Runner-up – Nily Barak
2nd Runner-up – Adi Kaplan

Miss Friendship – Sara Etzyoni
Miss Popular – Aliza Keshet
Miss Tel-Aviv – Gila Golan
Miss Jerusalem – Lily Man
Miss Haifa – Aliza Gur
IBQ – Dalia Lion – Miss International semi-finalist
1st Runner-up – Er’ela Hod – went to Miss World
2nd Runner-up – Miriam Raz

IMB – Rina Kishon
Runner-up – Ari’ela Ramati

Miss Jerusalem – Er’ela Hod
Runner-up – Matilda Tavor

Miss Haifa – Dalia Lion
Runner-up – Aviva Ron

Miss Tel-Aviv – Rina Kishon
Runner-up – Miriam Raz


09/06/1962 (17 contestants) 30/05/1963 (15 contestants)

Two pictures of Jehudit Mazor.  The 2nd one shows her on her way to the  Miss Universe pageant

IBQ Ester Kfir

IQG Sara Talmi (right) and her twin sister Miriam (IMB's runner-up) on their way to London for the Miss World pageant.
IBQ – Jehudit Mazor (Mizrachi) – Miss Universe semi-finalist
Runner-up – Ilana Porat – Miss World semi-finalist

IMB – Nurit Ne’eman (Newman) – Miss International semi-finalist
Runner-up – Dvora Meler

Miss Tel-Aviv – Jehudit Mazor
Miss Jerusalem – Livia Gal’on
Miss Haifa – Nurit Ne’eman
IBQ – Ester Kfir – went to Miss International
Runner-up – Ada Bachar

IMB – Sherin Ibrahim – went to Miss Universe
Runner-up – Miriam Talmi – went to Miss World, as her twin sister’s chaperon

IQG – Sara Talmi – went to Miss World
Runner-up – Edna Drori

Miss Tel-Aviv – Ada Bachar
Miss Haifa – Sherin Ibrahim
Miss Jerusalem – Sara Talmi


26/05/1964 (20 contestants) 09/06/1965 (21 contestants)

IBQ Ronit Rinat

IBQ Aliza Sadeh
IBQ – Ronit Rinat (Rechtman) – Miss Universe 2nd runner-up
Runner-up – Ester Ben-Eli’ezer

IMB – Ofira Margalit – unable to go to Miss World due to military service
Runner-up – Yona Ofer

IQG – Jehudit Peri - Miss Nations semi-finalist
Runner-up – Miriam Li-Tal

Miss Jerusalem – Dafna Noy (Chrisholm) –
Miss International semi-finalist
Runner-up – Ilana Ofir

Miss North – Yaffa Peres
1st Runner-up – Sara Cohen
2nd Runner-up – Li’ora Berezitsky
IBQ – Aliza Sadeh (Panfil) – Miss Universe semi-finalist
Runner-up – Tova Dor

IMB – Iris Bar-Or –
Miss International Semi-finalist
Runner-up – Frida Avraham

IQG – Shlomit Gat – went to Miss World
Runner-up – Li’ora Ma’or

Miss Jerusalem – Mira Even-Chen
Miss Tel-Aviv – Mira Dvir
Miss Haifa – Lea Vardi


18/05/1966 29/06/1967 (21 contestants)

IBQ Aviva Israeli

IBQ Batia Kabiri
IBQ – Aviva Israeli (Vivian Del Bianco) – Miss Universe 4th runner-up
Runner-up – Lilach Sahar

IMB – Yaffa Sharir –
Miss International ‘67 1st runner-up
Runner-up – Aruba Tzameret

IQG – Segula Gohr – went to Miss World
Runner-up – Tamar Nativ

Miss Jerusalem – Tamar Golan
Miss Tel-Aviv – Ester Koren
Miss Haifa - Rut Hadas
IBQ – Batia Kabiri – Miss Universe 4th runner-up
Runner-up – Dalia Dinur

IMB – Dalia Regev –
Miss World 3rd runner-up
Runner-up – Smadar Dror

IQG – Daniela Hod –
Miss International ‘68 semi-finalist
Runner-up – Nily Geffen

Miss Jerusalem – Varda Bar-Lev
Miss Tel-Aviv – Ada Pe’er
Miss Haifa – Rachel Rimon



IBQ Miri Zamir

Between 1969-1971, because the pageant was so popular, two pageants were held. In the first, IBQ and her Runners-up were elected. A few weeks later, all the contestants, except for the winner, competed in the next pageant, where the rest of the queens were crowned. That was why some of the winners, have two titles.

IBQ – Miri Zamir – Miss World 2nd runner-up
Runner-up – Sara Goren

IMB – Miriam Peri (Friedman) –
Miss Universe semi-finalist
Runner-up – Nily Mizrachi

IQG – Sara Dvir - went to Miss International '69
Runner-up – Sharon Levin

Miss Jerusalem – Alice Farech
Miss Tel-Aviv – Malka Kasif
Miss Haifa – Lea Tzur


13/05/1969 (26 contestants) 03/06/1969

Two pictures of IBQ Chava Levy

IMB Tehila Selah

IBQ – Chava Levy – Miss Universe 3rd runner-up
1st Runner-up – Tehila Selah
2nd Runner-up – Orit Peleg

Miss Jerusalem – Aviva Pe’er
Miss Haifa – Anat Tzameret
Miss North – Sara Ben-Dor
IMB – Tehila Selah – Miss World semi-finalist
Runner-up – Dorit Gai

IQG – Orit Peleg – went to Miss Young International ‘70
Runner-up – Dana Gal

Miss Tel-Aviv – Shulamit Lavi
Miss South – Shula Shabtay