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Miss United States 1958
Nancy Anne Corcoran

This New York City mother of two (a 4-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy) won the title of "American Queen" and the right to compete in the Miss World contest.



Miss United States 1959
Loretta Powell

This Bridgeport, Connecticut, beauty was hand-picked by Mr. Patricelli and two other judges on September 1, 1959, after a two-month screening and interviewing of candidates from 48 states. 


From Vancouver Sun of November 6:
"A disarming smile didnít prevent curvaceous Loretta Powell, 24, from being disarmed when she visited Britainís House of Commons. Clad in a Stetson, frilled shirt and skintight pants  supposedly representing U.S. national dress  the Miss World contest entrant was told to turn in 2 imitation guns by a straight-faced bobby. Rules forbid firearms or facsimiles of same in Commons."


Miss United States 1960

1960 October 15
Bridgeport, Connecticut
28 entries (22 states, DC & 5 cities)

New York City (NY)  Annette Driggers (DQ Oct. 31)
Missouri  Judith Ann Achter
Illinois  Sharon Woods
North Carolina  Rita Souther
Delaware  Gail Porter

Alabama  Margaret Jo Gordon (2nd RU U.S.A. '60)
Baltimore (MD)  Diane White
Beverly Hills (CA)  Gail Shapiro
California  Gail Stevens
Chicago (IL)  Susan Engel
Cincinnati (OH)  Darlene Theresa DiPasquale (Sun Fun '61, America '62)
Connecticut  Gloria Adshade
District of Columbia  Sue Sherman
  Louise King
Maryland  Carolyn Clark
Massachusetts  Beatrice "Bea" Duprey
New Hampshire  Nancy Gray
New York  Arlene Nesbitt
Ohio  Barbara Stagge
Pennsylvania  Caroline Brice
Rhode Island  Donna Dickson
South Carolina  Dianne Taff
St. Louis (MO)  Cheri Schear
Tennessee  Martha Lee Adams
Texas  Susan Jan Seibert
Virginia  Patricia Buck
West Virginia  Zora Krmeta

Miss Congeniality  Tennessee 

Top  California, Alabama, Maryland, West Virginia, Chicago (IL), Ohio & New York
Middle  Virginia, Texas, Delaware, Kentucky, St. Louis (MO), District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York City (NY) & Tennessee
Bottom  Illinois, Missouri, Rhode Island, Baltimore (MD), Connecticut, North Carolina, Cincinnati (OH) & Pennsylvania
Not present  Florida, New Hampshire, South Carolina & Beverly Hills (CA)

Annette Driggers was disqualified on October 31after she was discovered to be only 15, not 20.

Driggers had married a  hairdresser a year earlier, but it did not last long.  On July 10, 1963, she married Marshall Berle, the nephew of comedian Milton Berle, but on December 29, she asked a judge for an annulment, because she was underage (under 18).  

Judith Ann Achter (right), the 1st runner-up who replaced Driggers, arrived in London on November 2 and six days later placed 5th in the Miss World contest.



Miss United States 1961

1961 August 26
Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York
33 entries (27 states, DC & 5 cities)

West Virginia  Jo Ann Odum
New York  Janet Boring
California  Marlena Loren
Maryland  Diane Dolores White (SF U.S.A. '59)
Missouri  Barbara Kohler

Atlantic City (NJ)  Lonnie Bell
Connecticut  Jayne Burghardt (U.S.A. '59)
Delaware  Alicia Silver
District of Columbia  Patricia "Patti" Alice Buck
Florida  Lynne Shirley
Georgia  Sandra New
Idaho  Marva Jean Rich
Kentucky  Louise King
Louisville (KY)  Martha Shipp
Maine  Jennifer Farrell
Massachusetts  Sandra "Su Su" Smith (SF U.S.A. '63)
Michigan  Mikki Catsman
Mississippi  Diane Carpenter
New Jersey  Ione Williams
New York City (NY)  Marilyn Chase
North Carolina  Betsy Medlin
Ohio  Judith Kay Tewalt
Oregon  Sharon Wiley
Pennsylvania  Marcia Freedman
Philadelphia (PA)  Mary Lee Winton
Rhode Island  Paula Holmes
South Carolina  Judy Austin
Spartanburg (SC)  Rita Souther
Tennessee  Christine McSwain (U.S.A. '60)
Texas  Cheryl Stubblefield
Vermont  Florene Mayette (SF U.S.A. '61 as Miss Connecticut)
Virginia  Laurie Mills
Wisconsin  Judith Greco

Miss Congeniality  (not known)

New York (1st RU), West Virginia (winner) & California (2nd RU)


North Carolina, Missouri, Huntington, Charleston, Washington & Pennsylvania

Oregon is tossed into the pool

Utah & Michigan

Massachusetts (right) led the last 22 contestants
Miss U.S.A. World 1962

1962 September 22
Field House, Huntington West Virginia
43 entries (32 states, DC & 10 cities)

California  Amedee Chabot (6th RU World 62)
Florida  Lithona Rozier
New York  Pat Franklin
Los Angeles (CA)  Linda Pauline Kennon
Alabama  Marilyn Nordman

Detroit (MI)  Janet Clift
East Liberty (PA)  Donna Jean Paschka
Georgia  Heidi Hambrick
Louisiana  Diane Gay DeClouet (U.S.A. 62)
Massachusetts  Mary Marble
North Carolina  Louise Furr
Oregon  Jodie Ray
Texas  Shirley Dickson
Utah  Dyane Miner
Washington  Patricia Dzejachok

Alaska  Teresa Dawn Hanson (U.S.A. 62)
Arkansas  Linda Suellyn Edwards
Charleston (WV)  Janice Lee Channels
Chicago (IL)  Marite Ozers (Miss U.S.A. 1963)
Cleveland (OH)  Andrea Jean Getzlaff
Connecticut  Mary Lou Walkinshaw 
Delaware  Elaine LeGaro
District of Columbia  Jo Ann Adelman
Huntington (WV)  Sherry Lee Smith
Illinois  Jo Peterson
Indiana  June Cochran (U.S.A. 60)
Kansas  Penny Rae Nichols
Kentucky  Sally Margaret Carter (U.S.A. 62)
Maine  Jodie Malizia
Maryland  Betsy Reeves
Michigan  Carla Rodgers
Missouri  Bonnie Elizabeth Barclay
New Haven (CT)  Gail Ann Dinan
New Jersey  Vivian Lynn Volk
New Mexico  Elva Lynne Palmer
New York City (NY)  Mimi Miller
Ohio  Glyn Warstler
Pennsylvania  Maria Fraietta
Pittsburgh (PA)  Beverly Wolfe
South Carolina  Nancy Ann Harrison
Tennessee  Rita Wilson 
Virginia  Laurie Mills 
West Virginia  Carole E. Johnson (America 61/62)

Miss Congeniality  Michigan

Hawaii  Julie Jones (back pains after evening gown competition during finals)

Host: actor Troy Donahue

The winner with the 1961 titleholder, Jo Ann Odum

Alabama (4th RU), Los Angeles (3rd RU), California (winner), Florida (1st RU) & New York State (2nd RU)